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Thread: Bigg Boss Season 7 Spoiler: Official News Chit Chat Hot Gossip Forum

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    Meet the new contestant of 'Bigg Boss 7'

    International formats of Big Brother have included animals. The previous season of Colors' Bigg Boss, too, featured a parrot and a fish.

    This season, however, marks the entry of a three-year-old Golden Retriever in the Indian edition of the reality show.

    Informs a source, "The dog will stay inside the house along with the celebrity housemates for as long as the team deems fit. The inmates will be required to take care of his meals. It's a new element to make the show interesting."

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    Is Tanisha trying to turn over a new leaf in Bigg Boss 7?

    Tanisha who was one of the favourite contestants in the Bigg Boss 7 house, in the first two weeks, has now become the target, after her proximity to Armaan Kohli has isolated her from the rest of the team members.

    The actress who was nominated unanimously as the captain in the first two weeks seems to have made quite a few enemies. The angst against Tanisha started after a heated argument over Armaan's breakfast when the two teams (Jannat and Jahannum) were being assigned a task where the Jahannum team had to pay for every food item they wanted. And with Tanisha's increasing closeness to Armaan, the issue seems to be still on her mind, even though the other inmates seem to have gotten over the disturbed phase.

    In a recent episode, when all the inmates have been made to stay together, Tanisha is still coming across as uptight to most of the contestants. After being nominated to be ousted from the house for the first time this week, Tanisha seems to have realized that she is being isolated and is no more in the good books of the other contestants. She is seen to be making amends with Shilpa and Kamya and is seen trying to make an effort to sort out her differences with them. It is to be seen if the tides turn for her if she is not voted out of the house this week.

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    Is Armaan Kohli dating Tanya Singh?

    Armaan Kohli, who is at loggerheads with the other inmates because of his 'friendship' with Tanishaa Mukerji, seems to have ruffled a few feathers outside the house. Their growing fondness for each other may have affected a certain Tanya Singh too.

    Armaan, who is allegedly dating Tanya, has been living in with her since a few months now. He was introduced to her by Vivek Mishra, the latest entrant of 'Bigg Boss 7'. Says the source, "Tanya knows Armaan's family and stays with them. Now that Vivek has gone inside the house, he is likely to make Armaan realise his mistake and remind him that there is someone waiting for him outside. While there is nothing official about their relationship yet, the two have exchanged commitment rings."

    Only time will tell if Armaan comes out of the house a changed man or goes back to Tanya. Despite repeated attempts, we couldn't reach Tanya.

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    Tanisha’s desperate act must be embarrassing her family: Shilpa

    Shilpa Saklani Agnihotri may be out of the Bigg Boss 7, but the gal is mincing no words when it comes to voicing her opinion. And going by her reactions, she is most irked by the Bigg Boss inmates Armaan Kohli and his special friend Tanisha Mukerji.

    Slur on family name

    Ask her if Tanisha and Armaan's lovey dovey act made her uncomfortable, and Shilpa says: "You know, I'm a married woman and I have the licence to do a lot of things. But, there were my in-laws in Kanpur and grandmother's family in Dehradun - watching the show. So, I and Apoorva were careful, lest we put a slur on our family name. But, I was really appalled to see Tanisha's desperate act. Look at the kind of illustrious family she comes from. So, I was forever wondering as to how could she act in the stupid manner. Her desperate act must be embarrassed her family. After all, the whole nation knows her family yaar!"

    Scared for Apoorva

    And now that she is not there to protect her hubby Apoorva, isn't she scared that he may just get too bogged down under the stress of constant bitching? To this, Shilpa replies: "Honestly yes, I'm scared. Apoorva is the nicest, coolest, sweetest and most chilled out human being in the world. But, there is so much negativity inside the celebrity house that people tend to become crazy. Yet, I have full faith in my Lord and His blessings. I'm sure Apoorva will do well!"

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    Shilpa Agnihotri opens up about the rave party incident

    Says she was on medicines to help her start a family, when she tested positive for the drugs

    Shilpa Agnihotri, the latest evictee from Bigg Boss 7, opens up about the rave party incident in which she and husband Apurva Agnihotri tested positive for drugs. She says she was on injections to help her conceive when the tests were done.

    "My husband and I went to a five star hotel around 6 pm that fateful day and in 20 minutes, there was a raid. We were segregated into boys and girls and taken to hospital for blood tests. After a month, they declared that Apurva and I had tested positive for drugs. At that time, we were trying for a family and I was on injections for that. It is a very unfortunate thing that you cannot fight law in this country. What I want to ask the police is that, were 97 out of 100 people doing drugs at 6 pm in the evening? We were made the face of party and it didn't matter that people like Rocky S, Angad Bedi and many models were also there," Shilpa said.

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    Gauahar and Kushal locked themselves in loo

    He is out of Bigg Boss 7 after a surprise midweek eviction. But, now nude yoga guru Vivek Mishra is ready to bare his heart. There is relief in his voice as he says: "I'm glad that I have come back with my dignity intact from that mad house!"

    The man who has gone on record to say that 'Gauahar is a. B*#*#' explains his irritation with the girl thus: "I hate Gauahar because she instigated everyone and ganged up against a few."

    Open affair

    Vivek is the only one who refuses to believe that there is an affair happening on the sides between Tanisha Mukerji and Armaan Kohli. He says: "The real physical stuff is happening between Gauahar and Kushal. When Gauahar was unwell and wanted to throw up, she didn't take any girl with her. Instead, she took Kushal with her and they locked themselves up in the loo for almost 20 minutes. When they came out, her lipstick was all gone. Now we are adults and can understand what would have happened!"

    Gauhar's night makeup

    You are literally in splits when Vivek tells you that 'Gauahar applies fresh makeup before going to bed every day.' He goes on to add: "She says that she wants to wake up pretty! That's fine, but I find it all very fake!"

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    When Armaan addressed Tanisha as Tanya?

    From Bigg Boss 7 housemates, ex-contestant of the show to the entire country, everyone has been discussing about Bollywood actors Armaan and Tanisha's closeness.

    Both Armaan and Tanisha are also not leaving any stone unturned in showing their love and care for each other. Whether, it was their private hug in the smoking room or supporting each other during difficult times. Their bonding and fondness for each other has grown to such an extent that recently during a conversation Armaan addressed Tanisha as Tanya. Well, wondering who Tanya is? Here's the answer.

    Tanya is the same girl, who was recently linked to Bigg Boss contestant Armaan Kohli. Last week when wild card contestant nude yoga guru Viveik Mishra entered the house he revealed some unknown facts about Armaan's life. He spoke about Armaan's alleged relationship with a girl named Tanya Singh. He also claimed that Armaan was engaged to Tanya. But Armaan retorted to this statement and asked him to prove this allegation.

    Sources inform that while talking to Tanisha, Armaan suddenly called her as Tanya and soon realized his mistake. But Tanisha didn't seem to be affected by Armaan's gesture and chose to ignore him.

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    Why did Gauhar break off with Deepika's ex?

    While everyone is wondering if 'Bigg Boss' contestants Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon's romance in the reality show is real or made-up, we have some inside information to share. Gauhar, who was in a relationship with Deepika Padukone's former boyfriend Nihar Pandya, had a breakup before she entered the show.

    A DNA report says that Gauhar was in a serious relationship with Nihar and both were contemplating marriage. However, both of them split just before she had to enter the Bigg Boss home. The report alleges that the reason behind their split was religious differences. Both of them had differences on several issues related to their future, especially raising their children. While Nihar wanted to raise their children in the conventional Gujarati manner, she wanted them to follow her religion and be raised in a particular manner. This led to differences between them and they parted ways.

    However, while sources close to Gauhar reveal that religion was not the reason for their breakup, Nihar maintains that he was never dating the actress.

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    As Kushal and Gauahar get close, his ex-flame candy is set to enter the house

    The growing proximity between Gauahar Khan and Kushal Tandon, inside the Bigg Boss house, seems to have sent those close to them into a tizzy. And to spice up the situation even more, the makers have planned a few wild card entries. While Kushal's ex, model Candy Brar, has been finalised, talks are on with Gauahar's sister, Nigaar Z Khan. Yoga trainer Viveik Mishra, who recently got evicted, had mentioned Candy's name during a spat with Kushal.

    Previously, too, the reality show has had former or existing flames of the inmates after they were seen getting close to another housemate. Ali Merchant, Sara Khan's ex-husband (she had participated in Season 4) had entered the house after news of the latter's proximity with Ashmit Patel started doing the rounds. The two even got married on national television, only to separate a few months later. Other wild card entries this season are actor Ajaz Khan and Sofia Hayat.

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    "I will be devil between Kushal-Gauhar"

    Alleged couple Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan seem to be the target of many on the "Bigg Boss- Saath 7". Model Ajaz Khan, who will be entering the " Bigg Boss" house Saturday, said that he won't mind being the "devil" in their relationship.

    "I want to take Gauhar away from Kushal. If they are in love, then I will be the devil," Ajaz told IANS in a telephonic interview from Mumbai.

    The model also added that the only way to survive in the controversial reality show was to play mind games.

    "I am all okay to go in the show. The only way to survive is to play mind games. There are a lot of hypocrites in the house. I will play well, I am sure," he said.

    Ajaz has watched few episodes of the current season.

    "I have seen a few episodes and then I got the call. I feel that Andy and Apoorva (Agnihotri) have the capability to win the show," he said.

    The existing contestants on the show also include Sangram Singh, Elli Avram, Kamya Punjabi, Armaan Kohli, Tanisha Mukherjee and Pratyusha Banerjee.

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