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    Colors receives notice for 'Bigg Boss', to respond

    Colors channel Wednesday said officials would "in prescribed time" submit a response to a show cause notice from the ministry of information and broadcasting on the content of its reality show " Bigg Boss - Saath 7".

    Ministry officials reportedly found the content was not suitable for unrestricted public viewing and thus, a notice was sent.

    In response to the notice, the channel issued a statement here.

    "Today, we have received a show cause notice on 'Bigg Boss' from the ministry of information & broadcasting (I&B), and we shall submit our response to the same within time limit prescribed by the ministry," read the statement.

    The channel claims to follow a "strict Standard & Practices (S&P) team, that does self-regulations, which works closely with the programming team on all aspects to ensure a safe family viewing experience".

    "As a responsible broadcaster, we are mindful of our audiences' sentiments and respect the guidelines set by the I&B Ministry and BCCC (Broadcasting Content Complaints Council).

    "Last year, the format of 'Bigg Boss' was changed to make it more 'parivarik' (suitable for family viewing) such that it is completely suitable for viewing across ages 7 years to 70 years. The casting of the show has also been done accordingly this year as well. And our efforts of making 'Bigg Boss' 'parivarik' has been applauded by all stakeholders in the broadcast industry," the statement read further.

    "Bigg Boss - Saath 7", hosted by Bollywood star Salman Khan, features celebrities from all walks of life. Locked inside an isolated house, the participants are under the constant scanner via prying cameras installed all over.

    The show went on air Sep 15.

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    I stayed away from Tanisha, Armaan, Kamya, Pratyusha: Ratan Rajput

    After being voted out of the "Bigg Boss 7" house, popular TV actress Ratan Rajput says that she has no desire to re-enter the controversial place, where the politics started very soon.

    "No ways! I don't want to go back. I don't even know if I will start watching the show immediately. I am so scared of 'Bigg Boss' voice," Ratan told IANS in a telephonic interview.

    The actress, who spent most of her time in the hell side of the house, said inmates started playing games since the beginning.

    "The politics in the house started very soon. I just can't be a part of the politics. People there love to gossip and I can't be a part of that. I feel so uneasy," said the " Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo" fame star.

    In the house, Ratan was seen being friendly with Gauhar Khan, Kushal Tandon and Elli Avram.

    "I like open people better. They tell you how they feel on your face. The game in the house started too soon. I don't believe in groupism. I tried to stay away from Tanisha Mukherjee, Armaan Kohli, Kamya Punjabi and Pratyusha Banerjee," said the actress who had featured in the the reality show "Swayamvar Season 3 - Ratan Ka Rishta".

    Why were you voted out?

    "One of the reasons could be the amount of content a contestant gives... I can't give fake content," she said.

    The high point of her stay was when she dared to enter a bath tub filled with cow dung.

    "I wanted to prove to everyone that I was not a weak link in the house. That was the only reason I did that task for," she said.

    " Bigg Boss - Saath 7" comes on Colors.

    Now celebrities VJ Andy, Gauhar, Kushal, Apoorva Agnihotri and his wife Shilpa Agnihotri, Tanisha, Armaan, Asif Azim, Sangram Singh, Elli, Kamya and Pratyusha are vying for the title.

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    Participating in 'Bigg Boss' was a mistake: Ratan Rajput

    TV star Ratan Rajput, who became the fourth contestant to get evicted from reality show 'Bigg Boss', is relieved to be out of the house after 28 days as she was finding it hard to survive the politics between the inmates.

    The actress says she overestimated her strength but staying in 'Bigg Boss' has taught her that she can't handle fake people and indulge in politics.

    "People there had come with a plan. It was uncomfortable for me to stay there because 14 strange people were thrown together and you cannot trust anyone because there are groups. Also, there was a class system as some people (I don't want to name them) would think they were special because they came from a film family.

    "But, I think everyone was equal there as we all were the part of same show. It is not like they were participating in Big Brother," Ratan told in her post exit interview.

    Ratan, however, is happy that despite so many fights within the house, she did not face any misbehaviour from anyone, though she is aware that people may have talked badly behind her back.

    The actress, who found fame on TV with 'Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo' and her 'Swayamvar' on TV and subsequent break-up, said she is not a bad person and not very dramatic so when things became difficult for her, she became quiet, which may have been a reason for her exit.

    When asked about the new romance between Tanisha and Armaan Kohli, Ratan quipped, "I think they are inspired by Gauhar and Kushal. But Gauhar and Kushal are definitely more than good friends."

    She also believes that Armaan, who is gaining the reputation of a bully thanks to his frequent outbursts, is a strong player but Ratan says he and Tanisha are giving everything to stay on top of the game. Ratan likes the way Kushal is playing the game, which she says is clean as he does not go and gossip about people behind their back. She also finds Gauhar a strong player and wants Shilpa to be among the finalists as she had come to like her.
    Andy is another player that Ratan liked. "I could not understand Andy in the beginning. He is very nice to you but behind your back he will not spare you. However, he would not lie to you and tell you upfront that I said this about you. Once, I understood that, I became friends with him," Ratan said.

    As far as Kamya Punjabi, who nominated Ratan, is concerned, Ratan believes that she is bold but not in front of Armaan. Ratan finds Pratusha Banerjee to be a good player because she manages to stay out of things by playing the innocent card.

    Asked about her future plan, the actress said, "Right now, I want to stay with my family. I was very scared after I came out of the show as I would feel that cameras are still following me. I need some time to relax.

    "I just can't stop crying, it is such a relief. I decided to participate in the Colors show as I had declined it twice earlier and though there is nothing wrong with the show, the format was too tough for me," she said.

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    Tanisha postpones her commitments for Bigg Boss 7

    While many happily agree to get locked up as an inmate in the Bigg Boss House in hopes of getting some work, some like Tanisha Mukherji actually have to postpone their commitments due to Bigg Boss.

    A source informs, "Tanisha was lucky that her commitments were not immediate. The second schedule of her Marathi film 'Aanntar', produced by Akshay Kumar is pending and as soon as she comes out of the house, the film will complete the remaining schedule."

    "On the other hand, her play, 'The Verdict', is also supposed to travel internationally once she is back. While nobody knew the reason earlier, the producers of both her film and play were extremely supportive in re-working her dates," adds a source.

    We too hear that Tanisha is also working on her second project as a producer and has started her research for it."

    All in all, Tanisha, who is faring quite well in Colors' Bigg Boss 7, seems to have her hands full of work once she is out of the house!

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    No 'Jahannum house' in Bigg Boss 7?

    Bigg Boss 7 will soon see the heaven and hell sides coming together. The Jahannum house will be cordoned off, thus marking the end of the concept of two separate portions in the house.

    However, there are going to be problems as contestants will have to contend with sharing a single loo between 12 contestants. Now the concern will be the lack of enough sleeping space for everyone. It remains to be seen how the contestants will bear with these woes.

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    Asif and Pratyusha rustle up a Bengali dish on Bigg Boss

    The dish was liked by all the housemates

    The Bigg Boss house is sure turning out to be mini Bengal. After Sadher lau, laal paar saada saari and dhunuchi naach, Asif Azim and Pratyusha Banerjee rustled up a Bengali meal for the housemates. Post the puja revelry, the two Bengalis in the house dished out begun bhaja, parathas and rice, which was much liked by all the contestants. "The housemates wanted something different from the regular fare. So Asif made Begun bhaja, a specialty of Bengal, for them. Pratyusha helped him in the preparations. He also taught Kamya to make lachcha paratha. "These two have achieved star status inside the house post the masterchef gig," said a source.

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    Why Elli Avram chose reality show over film promotion

    Greek-Swedish model, Elli Avram is in a dilemma. While her debut Bollywood film Mickey Virus, opposite Manish Paul, is set to release this month, she's inside the Bigg Boss house.

    The actress, we hear, had a tough time deciding whether or not to participate in the reality show. We hear she only agreed to do the show after her film's producers — DAR Motion Pictures — convinced her it would benefit both her and the film.

    Elli, daughter of Swedish actress Maria Granlund, came to India three years back, hoping to enter Bollywood. Besides getting this big break in the Hindi film industry, she has also managed to get noticed on the TV show. The viewers seem to be quite amazed at her grasp on Hindi. We hear the actress is hoping Bigg Boss lets her out just for a day to attend the film's premiere.

    Mickey Virus, presented by DAR Motion Pictures in association with Awesome Films Pvt Ltd and co-produced by Trilogic Digital Media Ltd, releases October 25.

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    Nude-yoga guru and alleged rape-victim to enter Bigg Boss 7

    According to the last night telecast, Bigg Boss 7 contestants will now experience a new change in the house with no heaven and hell concept. That means, all the contestants have to accommodate together under one roof which will surely create the much needed drama which was missing from the house.

    If that was not enough to entertain the viewers, a new contestant is all set to enter the house as a wild card entry post Asif Azim. So now who's that new contestant entering in the house? He is a guy called Vivek Mishra.

    Vivek Mishra, a yoga teacher by profession, is known for his notorious nude yoga techniques. Mishra, in the past, has also accused Shweta Tiwari's ex-husband and actor Raja Chaudhary of attempting to rape him. Vivek Mishra will enter the Bigg Boss house in tonight's episode.

    Sounds interesting profile to be in the Bigg Boss house, isn't it?

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    Payal Rohatgi stands up for Sangram Singh against Armaan Kohli’s behaviour

    Payal Rohatgi stands up for boyfriend Sangram Singh against Armaan Kohli's behaviour

    Quite recently, actor Armaan Kohli verbally insulted wrestler Sangram Singh in the Bigg Boss house, where both are housemates, when he said, "Jo log akhade main pale-bade hote hain unko respectable logon ke saath uthna-baithna nahi aata."

    Singh's girlfriend, actress Payal Rohatgi, who has participated on the show before (in the second season) says she is "disappointed" with Kohli's words. She says, "I agree it's a show and controversies and fights are a part of it. But it's a hit below the belt to see someone educated, who belongs to one of the best families in Bollywood, using abusive words. To insult someone about their profession or a place they consider their temple (in Sangram's case, the akhada), is very demeaning. This way, you run down all sportspersons who are making a name for themselves and working out in an akhada or place of practice. Just because Sangram belongs to a humble background does not mean that he does not have a good upbringing. Being born in a rich or poor family does not teach you moral values."

    She adds, "I garnered the maximum amount of negative publicity during my stint on the show. Sangram was reluctant to be a part of it this season, but I only pushed him to go ahead because this will give him more recognition. He is a simple individual and does not know how to play games. As a senior actor, Armaan's behaviour does not suit him."

    Meanwhile, Payal has written a love letter to Sangram, which will be delivered to Sangram a little later on the show.

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    Complaint against Salman, Bigg Boss-7 for 'insulting religion'

    An activist has filed a complaint with the magistrate's court against producers of a TV reality show 'Bigg Boss-7', anchored by actor Salman Khan, alleging that it hurt religious sentiments by insulting a religion.

    Bandra magistrate's court would hear the complaint filed by Hemant Patil on October 29. Khan and TV channel Colours and producers of the show are named as respondents in the complaint.

    Patil claims that the show divides its participants in two teams: Angels and Devils. The 'Devils'carry tridents, which is infact the weapon/symbol of Lord Shiva as per the Hindu mythology, so it hurt his sentiments, he says.

    Bones were tied to trident, which too was offencive, the complaint claims. Patil is seeking that police should file and probe a case under section 295 (insulting religion) of the Indian Penal Code.

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