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Thread: Bigg Boss Season 7 Spoiler: Official News Chit Chat Hot Gossip Forum

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    Santosh Shukla to be back in Bigg Boss house

    Ever since controversial reality show 'Bigg Boss' geared up with its new season, speculations have been rife, about some of the popular and controversial ex contestants returning to the show.

    Several names like Dolly Bindra, Imam Siddiqui, Rakhi Sawant have already been doing the rounds who are expected to make a re-entry in the show. And the latest, we hear is that Bigg Boss season 6 contestant, Santosh Shukla will be soon entering the show.

    Sources inform that as part of one of the upcoming twists of Bigg Boss, contestants of the show's previous seasons' will be returning to the season 7 house. Santosh who has bagged Salman Khan's 'Mental' is expected to enter the house for few days. It is still unclear whether Santosh will stay at Jannat or Jahanum.

    When contacted, Santosh said, "Yes, it's true that I will be going into the Bigg Boss 7 house but it's too early to comment anything."

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    Kushal & Gauahar, the new love birds of Bigg Boss

    Though small screen's controversial reality show Bigg Boss is best known for its clashes, fights and controversial contestants, the show's mushy love stories also keep viewers busy.

    And the latest contestants who are painting the Bigg Boss house red with their love are Kushal Tandon & Gauahar Khan.

    Sources inform that from the moment Gauahar (who was earlier placed in the heaven section of the Bigg Boss house) stepped in hell, Kushal has been showering extra attention on the model turned actress. Both the housemates are mostly seen spending time and chilling with each other. In yesterday's (23 September 2013) episode, Kushal said that Gauahar is the one person who he loves to trouble in the house and was also seen giving her a back massage to make her feel better. Kushal, who recently broke up with girl friend Elena, is seen singing songs for Gauahar. Recently, when Eli, Kushal and Gauahar were in a conversation, Kushal-Gauahar forgot about Eli and kept looking in each other's eyes.

    Later, Eli had to tell them that they were behaving like couples. This is not all. The handsome lad has become protective about her and is ready to take fights with even friends like Armaan who he knew before entering the Bigg Boss house.

    Will Kushal-Gauahar's love story survive the testing time? Only time will tell.

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    Bangladeshi model Asif Azim to enter Bigg Boss 7

    It's no secret that the good looking Kushal Tandon, is trying his best to woo Gauahar Khan and other female contestants in the seventh edition of Bigg Boss.

    But it looks like the TV actor will soon have to face a tough competition from another handsome hunk, who is all set to enter the show as the first wild card entry. Yes, you read it right! Bangladeshi model, Asif Azim an Indian super model of Bangladeshi origin will enter the house Thursday (26 September 2013).

    The good looking model, who has previously done few ad films and has built his career as a ramp model, says Bigg Boss is the biggest platform and he will play the game with honesty, "Bigg Boss is the biggest reality show of India and I am glad that I have got such a big platform to connect with the audiences'. I just want people to like me, I won't do anything wrong to hurt someone. As a person, I am a very positive and honest. I just hope people like me and make me win the show, said Asif.

    The Bangladeshi lad, who has featured in the German and Australian Vogue and has been ranked fourth among India's fittest Male Super models feels it's tough to act or pretend on Bigg Boss, "I don't think anyone can act or pretend to be nice in the house as you are constantly under 74 camera surveillance even if you fake for one or two days the third day your true colors will automatically come out. People will then know the real you."

    When asked about his game plan and strategy to deal with the contestants inside the house, the young lad said, "I have no specific plan on my mind. I am a very honest person and that is my strength. I've never lied in my entire life as I know one lie leads to another so I will be myself on the show. I will not try to pretend and fake around."

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    I'd give Pratyusha a chance in my films: Rajat Rawail

    Filmmaker- actor Rajat Rawail though entered Colors' Bigg Boss- 7 house with all the enthusiasm, his deteriorated health pulled him out within 2 weeks.

    "I think I over rated myself before I entered the house. Mujhe Laga Main Bacho ko acha entertain kar lunga (I thought I'd entertain all the kids in the house) and I'd stay for at least 7-8 weeks with ease. But my health didn't respond and I am out within 2 weeks," said Rajat in a candid conversation with TOI.

    Rajat added, "I was alright in the first week. But while the wishing wall session I wished about my daughter and since then I slip into depression that took a toll on my health. On the other hand if noticed it was my first reality show and very few of the inmates are like me as majority of them have earlier participated in other reality shows that makes them more matured than me for the show. But now it's nice to be out of the house. I am seeing new faces after 2 weeks."

    Now that you are out of the house, which is that first thing you have planned to do? "I am going to meet my family which is my priority and then kiss both (Wife and daughter) of them for 100 times. One more thing which I wish to do is I will have Chinese food if possible," shared Rajat.

    After being part of the house for 2 weeks, whom do you feel will stay in the house for longer time? "I think Tanisha, Armaan, Sangram and Ellie they will stay here in the house for longer because they have a very good and clean profile, they don't indulge in gossiping and the way they are playing the game is good. For Tanisha and Armaan it's a chance for a comeback so they will not spoil it by a bad game. Sangram is a strong headed wrestler while Ellie is innocent," avers Rajat.

    Describe each inmate in one word or a sentence:

    Shilpa: Educated
    Armaan: verge to make a comeback
    Apoorva Agnihotri: Smart
    Ratan Rajput: clever
    Andy: Idiot
    Kamya: Fighter
    Gauahar: Irritating
    Tanisha: Favourite
    Kushal: Stupid
    Sangram: Go getter
    Pratyusha: Face
    Ellie: Beauty with brains
    Anita Advani: on a big fat holiday
    Asif: Model

    What would you like to say about Kushal and Gauahar's connection? Rajat said, "I would say Kushal is smitten by Gauahar and he is going head over heels for her."

    There were talks that you entered the house because of Salman Khan's connection what would you like to say about it? "I don't know as I got a call from the channel. I don't know whether Salman and channel had a discussion about it. I don't know about their talks." clears Rajat.

    We always see contestants coming out of the house with a different perception towards the world and Rajat must have also had his own, " I agree with you and I had learnt a lesson. Earlier I never cared about my mind and body but now after staying inside the house for 2 weeks I have realized how important it is to take care of our health."

    On being asked whether he would like to give a chance to any of the BB inmates to act in his movie, Rajat stated, " I would give Pratyusha a chance in my movie because she is talented, she sings well, she is a face. Even Tanisha and Ellie are good. In male house mates I would be happy to give Sangram a chance to be on the big screen."

    Are you open for any other reality shows? "Yes, if time, body and show's demand permits I am always ready for a reality show," signs off Rajat.

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    Salman supports Elli Avram in 'Bigg Boss': Manish Paul

    TV host and actor Manish Paul says he is watching "Bigg Boss Saath 7" only because of contestant Elli Avram, his co-actor in his debut film " Mickey Virus". He also feels that the actress has the support of Salman Khan, the host of the show.

    "I am watching the show only because of her. She is my co-star and is promoting the film very well. Salman Khan is also supporting her," Manish said here in an interview.

    "There is a lot of excitement and people are really liking her," he added.

    Meanwhile, Manish also wants viewers to watch the film if they like Elli in the show.

    "People who are watching Elli should go and watch my film and this is most important for me. Elli is promoting the film from inside the 'Bigg Boss' house and I am moving around the cities to promote my film. So I think the most important is that people should watch the film," said Manish, who is playing the lead role of a hacker in the film.

    Set in the backdrop of Delhi, the film is based on hacking and is written and directed by Saurabh Varma.

    It will release Oct 25.

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    Asif Azim is not an entertainer: Rajat Rawail

    Post Hazel Keech, Rajat Rawail was the next contestant to go out of the Bigg Boss house. Hence he didn't get a chance to monitor the new entrant Asif Azim, who was just 3 days old in the house when Rajat got evicted.

    However, Rajat had his own perception on the new Bangladeshi guy in the house, "I can't actually judge him as he was just 3 days old in the house. He is just a model for me. But at the same time I can see a spark in him as a charmer. He can impress audiences with his charm. Unfortunately I don't see an entertainer in him."

    "Asif is a charmer and not entertainer. He won't stay in the house for longer period of time," signs off Rajat.

    Who stays in the house and who gets out is something which only time will tell.

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    Gauahar and Andy are fake: Rajat

    After his ouster from Bigg Boss 7, on Colors, director-actor Rajat Rawail got candid with us on life inside the house, his next move and more...

    Sorry, Salman!

    This rolly-polly friend of Salman Khan won many hearts when he smiled, laughed and generally added to the cheer quotient as an inmate in the Bigg Boss's house in the first week of the reality show. But, by next week, things took a 360 degree turn, and Rajat, who was responsible for cracking many a joke, was shown perpetually crying, complaining and wailing about his ill health, even though the medical experts attached with show aired on Colors, declared him medically fit and fine. Ask Rajat, what exactly went wrong, and he says: "Every week, the inmates get a chance to voice their secret wish. And when I spoke about my wish to speak to my darling daughter Gehna, from that moment onwards, I completely lost it! I knew there were inmates who were saying that I was faking my illness, but the fact remains that mentally and psychologically, I had allowed my emotions to get the better of me! I feel bad for Salman bhai, who recommended me for the show, but I really was helpless and couldn't lift myself from the emotional abyss!"

    Fake galore!

    Ask him who are the most dangerous inmates in the show this season, and Rajat says without much ado: "I feel Gauhar and Andy are faking out their emotions and trying to project themselves as different people. Andy, especially, has a very patronizing attitude towards others. He probably feels he is overqualified and over educated for the show. Gauhar has her own agenda and I'm sure all the inmates and also the viewers will realise it soon enough!"

    The dark horse!

    Interestingly, Rajat feels that it is Apurva Agnihotri, who may turn the tables soon. "I feel Apurva is a lot like Rahul Roy. He's playing the game silently but solidly. So, we could have a dark horse there in him," says he.

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    Anita Advani wants to teach Armaan Kohli a lesson!

    Anita Advani, who claims to have been the live-in partner of late actor Rajesh Khanna, says 'Bigg Boss 7' has helped her in getting a break from the past despite her eviction from the reality show.

    Anita has been in the headlines ever since the death of the superstar last year when she filed a complaint in a Mumbai court against Dimple Kapadia and her family under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. The matter is now in the Bombay High Court.

    Anita says living under the same roof with 14 people for three weeks took her away from all her problems. Yesterday, she became the third contestant to get evicted from 'Bigg Boss 7'.

    "The 'Bigg Boss' experience helped me break my depression in a way. I was living in a different world. It was difficult. But participating in this type of a show was new to me and a welcome change from my past life. I hope things are different from now on," Anita told .

    On the show, Anita shared a good rapport with co-contestant Armaan Kohli, who is the son of veteran producer-director Rajkumar Kohli, the helmer of 1988 film "Saazish", in which she starred along side Mithun Chakraborty.

    However, Anita is very disappointed to know that Armaan had lied about saving her from nominations this week, when he actually voted for Kamya Panjabi.

    "I cannot believe Armaan would do such a thing to me. He was always so nice and warm. This is such a shame. We go back a long time and such behaviour from him is shocking. I guess I am just too vulnerable and gullible and people take advantage of this," Anita said.

    When asked if she would like to go back to the controversial house again as a wild card entry, Anita said, "If given a chance, I would definitely love to go back to teach Armaan a lesson.
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    Did Bigg Boss for money as I need to fight court cases: Anita

    After spending three weeks inside the Bigg Boss house, contestant Anita Advani was eliminated last night from the reality show.

    Anita, who claims to be late superstar Rajesh Khanna's live-in partner is very disappointed with her sudden exit and admits that money was one of the prime reasons behind her participation in the show.

    "I am really disappointed and the news of my eviction came as a shock to me. Because I shared a very nice and co-ordial relationship with everyone in the house and I believe that worked against me as I didn't play dirty politics. So when I was evicted I was surprised. But I am happy with my stay in the Bigg Boss house as it helped me break my depression," said Anita

    Anita, who has filed a court case against Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and Dimple Kapadia, says money was one of the prime reasons of her entry in the Bigg Boss house as she needs money to fight court cases against late Rajesh Khanna's wife and family, "I have never been secretive about anything in life whether it was my relationship with Rajeshji (Khanna) or anything else. I am proud of my relationship with him. Whatever I have said against his ( Rajesh Khanna) family is not untrue, it actually happened to me and I wanted people to know what all I have gone through. When I entered the show many people must have thought that I am doing all these for money but my question to all of them is what's wrong in that. I took up Bigg Boss for money as I am fighting a court case against an influential family and I need money for that. And that's the reason I've started working again. I am just trying to stand on my own two feet and be independent, shared Anita after getting evicted from the Bigg Boss season 7.

    Talking about the other contestants from the Bigg Boss house Anita says some of the contestants like Gauahar, Armaan, Shilpa and Apoorva understand what works best for TRP's and are playing the game based on that,"Some of the contestants in the Bigg Boss house are playing dirty politics which is not fair, being diplomatic is good but when someone back stabs you and cheats then that's not right. There are contestants like Shilpa, Gauahar, Apoorva and Armaan who very well know what works best in the game, they are playing with a well-planned strategy to garner highest TRP's. I am always wrong at judging people so now that I am out I will hopefully get to know the real faces of the contestants after watching some previous episodes," concludes Anita.

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    Separation time for Gauahar-Kushal in Bigg Boss

    Yet another Tabadla takes place in the Bigg Boss house this week with yet another twist.

    After the group swap that took place last week, the housemates had already started anticipating what will be coming their way this time. While on one hand, the love birds were separated, on the other hand it brought the enemies under the same roof. Post the Tabadla announcement, Armaan and Kamya are called inside the confession room.

    Armaan is asked to give two names from Jahannum that have contributed least to the luxury budget task while Kamya is asked to give two names from the heaven side that have contributed the most. After discussing with their respective groups, they unanimously decide to nominate Kamya and Andy as the best performers while Arman and Kushal are declared to be the weaklings.

    However, Kushal is not happy with this decision and breaks down. Gauahar tries to pacify him and bring him back to his normal self. Tanisha is concerned about Armaan and doesn't want to leave him behind. Across the boundary, Kamya and Andy shed tears bidding goodbye to their friends. Finally, the Tabadla takes place and Bigg Boss brings in a new twist. Each Jahannumwasi is asked to take the name of one Jannatwasi they don't wish to stay see in Jannat and will need to exchange places. Considering there are more people on the heaven side, Pratyusha fortunately gets to stay back in heaven with her best friend Kamya.

    It will be interesting to see what trouble this 'Tabadla' brings in everybody's life.

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