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Thread: Bigg Boss Season 7 Spoiler: Official News Chit Chat Hot Gossip Forum

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    Ratan Rajput opens up on her break up

    Actor Ratan Rajput, who got engaged to Avinav Sharma in a reality show couple of years back, has parted ways with her beau. She will be soon seen in Siddharth Kumar Tewary's Mahabharat as Amba.

    When asked what went wrong between them, Ratan says, "We both are mature adults and decided what was best for us. I can't talk for him now, but I wanted to give it a rethink. After that we parted ways in an amicable way."

    Ratan adds, "We should be the best judge of our lives. When something like this happens, then people are curious about the reasons. But after sometime they will forget and then you have to deal with your own life. I am in a very happy zone right now with my character of Amba."

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    Kushal enters Bigg Boss house to quit alcohol

    Lucknow lad, Kushal Tandon seems to have some very big plans for his journey inside the Bigg Boss house. "I am going inside the Bigg Boss house to completely detoxify myself," says Kushal, who spoke to us over the phone before entering the house.

    Ask him how he will do that and he explains, "Firstly, I will be making best use of the gym section inside the house. I will be concentrating only on my body. Secondly, since I am a border line alcoholic, it will be a great testing time for me. I plan to change myself completely."

    Kushal was once quoted saying in one of his interviews that reality shows are a big no for him and is doing a second reality show, after participating in Nach Baliye. How this sudden change of mind we wonder? "The simple reason is that gives you big money and is the ideal way to reach out to the audience," he reasons.

    Telling us more about his plans for the stay he says, "I'll try to stay as far as possible from any sort of controversies. Even if I find 3-4 people who match my mental frequency that is okay for me."

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    Andy makes fun of Pratyusha’s spirituality and beliefs

    Andy is known to be a blabbermouth and sarcastic behavior. This time in the house looks like his target is Pratyusha Banerjee aka our 'Bahu' of Television.

    During a conversation, Andy passes opinion on Pratyusha's spirituality and asks her to get her facts clear and not blindly follow somebody. Pratyusha to that gets offended by Andy's statements and responds by saying that she strongly believes in god and won't tolerate anybody making fun of it. Further she also mentioned that whatever she has achieved today is because of God's blessing and she won't tolerate any comments on her spirituality.

    However, Andy didn't not stop and continued commenting and giving his opinion. Later, Pratyusha was seen discussing about this incident to Hazel and told her that Andy had crossed his line. But later in the day, Andy realized his mistake and apologized to Pratyusha. Looks like Andy needs to tame his tongue and take it easy.

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    Post 'Bigg Boss", VJ Andy to work in British production

    Video Jockey (VJ) Andy, who has entered the "Bigg Boss 7" house, will shoot for a British production after coming out of the reality show.

    "It is a film in the comedy genre. It is a British production and has a few Bollywood actors. I can't disclose anything else. We will be starting to shoot next March in London," Andy, who entered " Bigg Boss" house Sunday with other contestants, told IANS.

    But he refused to name of the movie and its director.

    Meanwhile, the " Dare 2 Date" host is keen to host other shows as well.

    "I will also be looking to do new shows as a host. That is something I want to keep on doing...whether that is a dating or a chat show," he said.

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    Akshay Kumar avoided Anita Advani on Bigg Boss?

    Tongues went wagging when actor Akshay Kumar came on the sets of 'Bigg Boss 7' despite the fact that his late father-in-law Rajesh Khanna's livein partner Anita Advani was one of the contestants on the show.

    Akshay had come to promote his upcoming movie 'Boss' on the launch episode of the reality show. The Big Boss set was simmering with tension at Akshay's presence. His family is involved in a legal battle with Anita, as she has allegedly sent a notice to Rajesh Khanna's family for evicting her from his bungalow after his death. However, Akshay made sure that he avoided Anita on the sets and no mention of her was made when he was promoting his movie.

    It is also reported in Mid-Day that Aamir Khan has apparently pulled some strings to make sure that his brother Faisal does not participate on the show. Faisal was supposed to participate but was dropped from the list of participants at the last moment. Maybe Aamir feared that Faisal would speak about their strained relations and apparently used his influence to dissuade the channel from selecting him on the show.

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    Anita opens up about Rajesh Khanna on 'Bigg Boss'

    Anita Advani, who is currently in the "Bigg Boss 7" house, will be seen sharing her experiences with late superstar Rajesh Khanna on the reality show.

    Anita, who claims to be Rajesh Khanna's live-in partner, opens up in front of VJ Andy, another inmate.

    he spoke about how she had known Rajesh Khanna since childhood and how deeply she was in love with him. She also said that he was a gem of a person, said a source from the channel

    She further added that they couldn't get married, as the Bollywood's first superstar wasn't divorced.

    Rajesh Khanna was married to Dimple Kapadia. After staying together for 10 years, they started living separately, but never formalised their separation.

    Rajesh Khanna had died in July 2012, and Anita had sent a notice to the late superstar's family for allegedly evicting her from his bungalow after his death.

    She confessed that she is in the " Bigg Boss" house to overcome her depression after his death.

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    Won't discuss rave party issue in 'Bigg Boss': Shilpa

    TV actress Shilpa Agnihotri, who has entered the "Bigg Boss 7" house with her husband and actor Apoorva, said that she will "go with the flow" and won't bring up the issue of rave party on the reality show.Shilpa and Apoorva were caught in an alleged rave party in May last year. The actors claimed innocence and said that they had no idea that it was a rave party.

    "I have been a part of the industry for 14 years now and Apoorva even longer. I hope that the goodwill will stay with us a lot more than that one party," Shilpa told IANS before entering the house Sunday.

    "If I get very close to someone in the house and if they would ask me about it, then I might talk to them. You can't over think these things," added the actress who featured in TV shows "Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi" and "Kkusum".

    Apoorva started his career with films and was seen in "Pardes", but later he moved to the small screen and played key roles in successful shows like - "Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin", " Radhaa Ki Betiyaan Kuch Kar Dikhayengi" and " Aasman Se Aage".The actress is relieved that she will also have her husband in the same house.

    "It feels good that I am going with my husband. I am lucky in that sense. I am not entering the territory alone. I have my closest companion with me. I am hoping it will be good. We will play it by the ear and enjoy it," she said.The 31-year-old also added that she would try and make sure no situation comes in between her and her husband.

    "A lot of things are done to create problems on the show. I hope that we don't fall pray to it. I hope, we can retain the name, which we have earned for ourselves in all these years," she said. But she is dreading the situation where one of them will have to leave the " Bigg Boss" house.

    "That will be the worst time ever. I am dreading that situation. We have just kept our fingers crossed and hope that we can be together for a long time. If one has to go, then the other one should also get out soon," she said. This is not the first time couple is participating in a reality show together. They were seen in " Pati Patni Aur Woh" and "Nach Baliye".

    "I can't compare this to any other reality show. We did 'Pati Patni Aur Woh'. It was a similar set up, but not as strenuous as a 'Bigg Boss'. We can't compare the two. This is a different ball game," she said.

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    Elli Avram bursts into tears on Bigg Boss 7

    Elli was always seen happy and cheerful since the time she has entered the Bigg Boss house.

    Her bubbly nature and enthusiasm made her a favourite amongst all the housemates. But it so happened that the always smiling Elli burst into tears. The reason was Arman Kohli who was always seen getting playful with her and making fun of her.

    This time however, Arman seems to have crossed the line and went overboard in teasing her which went on to offend her. In return, Elli said that he will slap Arman if he did not stop making fun of her. This did not go down well with him and he expressed his anger; Elli couldn't take this and broke down into tears. She was inconsolable as Pratyusha and Kushal tried to calm her down and this issue later became a topic of discussion amongst everybody who was seen talking in favour of Elli.

    Arman's attitude seems to be a great concern amongst the housemates and it will be interesting to see how they deal with it in coming days.

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    Bigg Boss introduces wishing wall for heaven mates

    Bigg Boss house is known for its rules and limitations. The inmates might have various demands and wishes that they want to be fulfilled.

    This time, Bigg Boss 7 house has been provided with a special wishing wall where the heaven-mates can talk out their wishes and demands. Depending on the need of the hour, Bigg Boss will pick and choose and make their wish come true.

    After the heaven-mates were introduced to the wishing wall, Bigg Boss was flooded with wishes and demands that came from the everybody. While Andy wished for a delicious meal, Rajat wished to meet his little daughter. He also broke down while saying this but Sangram consoled him.

    Now its up to Bigg Boss to decide who he wants to make happy by fulfilling his or her wish.

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    Tanisha and Andy fight in Bigg Boss house

    When Tanisha was chosen to be the first captain over Andy in the Bigg Boss house, he did not take it in a positive way.

    Moreover, Tanisha's dominating nature after she became the captain of the house has been bothering everyone.

    Tanisha and Andy were seen picking up on each other over the household chores. While Tanisha has delegated work amongst the housemates, Andy is feeling that she has put a lot of pressure on him. Considering Rajat is not well and is not able to carry on with his duties, Andy has to fill in for him. While Andy is doing his daily workout, Tanisha gets upset on him for not doing his part of work.

    Andy couldn't take Tanisha's accusations and screams at her for making him feel guilty. He says that Tanisha is being unfair and not being considerate at all. The fight soon becomes very intense and Shilpa has to step in to calm them down.

    With all that tension and friction inside the house, it will be interesting to see how the dynamics of their relationship change in coming days.

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