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Thread: Bigg Boss Season 7 Spoiler: Official News Chit Chat Hot Gossip Forum

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    Numbers in Sangram’s favour?

    INumerologist Sanjay B Jumaani, whose predictions for the winners of the last three seasons of Bigg Boss came true, chose Sangram Singh as his first choice for season 7's winner. A few days ago, he announced this on social networking websites. And the contestant was chosen as the first to reach top two in Monday's episode. Will it be a four-in-four for the numerologist?

    Earlier, Shweta Tiwari, Juhi Parmar and Urvashi Dholakia were Jumaani's pick, and all three TV actresses went on to win their respective seasons.

    "Sangram's name adds up to 36 (9). Cancer ruler is number 2, moon, and Sangram is in his 29th (2) year. Number 9, Mars, lends fighting qualities. Not only is Salman a number 9, three of the past six BB winners have also been number 9 (Rahul Roy, Vindu Dara Singh and Urvashi)," says Jumaani.

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    Shocking mid-week elimination: VJ Andy out of Bigg Boss 7

    In yet another shocking eviction last night VJ Andy is the latest contestant to be out of controversial reality show, Bigg Boss 7.

    Andy, who was touted as one of the strongest contestants of Bigg Boss 7 and also had a great fan following ,was pitted against contestants like Gauahar Khan, Tanishaa Mukerjee and Ajaz Khan. He has been eliminated in the finale week.

    Sources inform that just three days before the finale, in a surprise elimination, VJ Andy has been evicted. It was very emotional moment for all the contestants. Andy won everyone's heart in the Bigg Boss house with his comic antics and witty humor.

    Well, with Andy's eviction Sangram Singh, Gauahar Khan, Tanishaa Mukherjee and Ajaz Khan are the four finalists who will battle each other in the finale.

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    Tanishaa will win Bigg Boss 7: Andy

    The biggest prankster of Bigg Boss' house, Andy Kumar, is out of the Colors' reality show. And his fans are quite heartbroken. In a candid chat with us, hours after his eviction, he spoke to us about reality show and more...

    I thought I would be in top three
    Seeing his popularity levels in the past few weeks, one wonders what really led to his eviction. Tell him this and Andy says: "Even I don't know what really went wrong. I'm not going to question my eviction, but honestly, I'm zapped! I never presumed that I would win the show, but I really thought that I would be in the top three contestants of the show."

    Shaving was unlucky for me
    Ask this fashionista, how did he manage to retain his style quotient inside the house, when survival itself is a tough job, and Andy replies: "I was constantly trying to change my look, even though it was tough. But you know what, something bad happened to me every time I shaved my hair! First time I shaved my hair, I was sent to Jahannum, and bad luck followed every time I tried it after that. For the Christmas episode, I shaved my head and I was evicted soon after. Unfortunately, I realized this fact too late when somebody pointed it out to me!"

    Awesome foursome effect
    Now that he's out of the show, who, according to him, is going to win the show. To this, Andy replies: 'I really feel Tanishaa Mukherjee is going to win Bigg Boss-7. I really wanted someone from our awesome foursome group to win. And Tanishaa is the most suitable winner. And she has promised to take me for a vacation if she wins!"

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    Who will win Bigg Boss: Tanishaa or Sangram?

    As Bigg Boss season 7 is inching closer to the finale, the top four contestants are fighting it out to win the coveted prize on the most controversial and popular reality show on Television.

    As VJ Andy was the latest to get evicted from the show, Gauahar, Tanishaa, Ajaz Khan and Sangram Singh are the final four contenders. But keeping aside Gauahar and Ajaz (one's a drama queen and the other live cartoon network); we think the final battle will be between Tanishaa and Sangram. But the question remains, from the two, who will go forward to win?

    Sangram Singh- Sangram has been one of the most well behaved contestants on the show. Sangram has stayed away from abusing and being violent unlike the other inmates. He has also maintained his cool and in cases where he has been instigated, he has rarely gotten into fights. That apart, Sangram has been on good terms with all the inmates and host Salman Khan is often seeing praising the award winning wrestler.
    Though Sangram has his faults, (he's often accused of not taking a stand and is accused of playing a manipulative game), he has a good rapport with the inmates and has never made a personal attack on anybody. He's always safe and has not been voted out so far. So Sangram winning could be a high possibility!

    Tanishaa- Tanishaa is one of the most favoured and popular contestants on the show. Tanishaa has won hearts with her dignity and calmness. Often provoked for her closeness to ex inmate Armaan Kohli who got evicted, Tanishaa has never instigated fights. Even when she and Kushal got into an ugly spat and Kushal made fun of her by insulting her and comparing her to her sister Kajol, Tanishaa maintained her dignity and did not react. Though her only friend in the house is Sangram now, in comparison to him, she's been the more loyal friend. Tanishaa has always kept to herself and stood by her friends through the entire season. However, she has faced slack for not standing up to Armaan's aggressive behaviour but as they say, all's fair in love and fair. Because of the way she has conducted herself on the show, she has become everyone's favourite!

    So with the odds in their favour, the toss between Tanishaa and Sangram will be an interesting one.

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    Salman Khan is my 'guarding angel': Andy

    The latest casualty in Bigg Boss 7, VJ Andy who was evicted from the reality show says, host Salman Khan has been his guarding angel inside the house and had he not been there, he might have been evicted long ago.

    "I can't thank him (Salman Khan) enough for what all he has done for me. He supported me at the time when I was going through the worst phase in the Bigg Boss house. He has been my guarding angel and an elder brother in Bigg Boss 7. Had Salman been not around I would have been eliminated long back. He always pushed, motivated me and told me that you are doing good in Bigg Boss and people love me outside the house," said the 33-year-old stylist.

    Andy, who left the house just 3 days before the finale feels, he has come out of the house as a strong person, "Bigg Boss has made me understand myself. I've learnt that one should not judge people on face value. I've come out as a stronger person and now I don't let people affect me easily," concludes Andy.

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    Gauahar can do anything to win Bigg Boss 7: VJ Andy

    igg Boss season 7's most entertaining contestant VJ Andy, who entertained one and all with his comic skills was eliminated last night from the Bigg boss house.

    Though Andy's elimination came as a shocking news to many, he on the other hand is happy being able to reach the top 5.

    "I am not at all disappointed, am actually happy being able to spent 101 days inside the Bigg Boss house and reach the Top 5. I consider it as an achievement, that I could stay for so long. And as far as finale is considered, I will be definately be a part of it," said Andy

    The 33-year-old stylist, who spent 101 days inside the house, says Bigg Boss inmate Gauahar Khan insinuates people and can do anything to win the game. "Gauahar wants to win the game any how and she always focused on winning. Whether, it was a task or whether she's a sanchalak in the game, her target is always to win the game. She will do anything to win the game. And we all got to know it when we saw the yojna (nomination planning) clip wherein Ajaz was highlighted and was blamed for everything but Gauahar without saying anything directly, actually sent across her message to Ajaz. She doesn't speak directly she actually insinuates people," said Andy after his elimination.

    VJ Andy, who is also known as Anand Vijay Kumar, feels that Gauahar's closeness towards Kushal affected all her relationships, "I feel that its bound to happen when two people are in a relationship they listen to each other but unfortunately Gauahar's closeness towards Kushal affected all her relationships and which led to many fights in the house."

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    Romancing Armaan has worked for Tanisha: Asif Azim

    Asif Azim, a Bangladeshi model whose journey in Bigg Boss 7 was cut short, feels that romance is crucial for surviving in the show. Kushal Tandon-Gauahar Khan and Tanishaa-Armaan Kohli, he says, lasted long because they were playing the 'love game'.

    So, who is likely to win the show? Says Asif, "Of course, Tanishaa. She is the biggest player of the season. She belongs to one of the biggest families in Bollywood. Her trump card was Armaan Kohli. After being abused and treated like a doormat by Armaan, she continued to be by his side. Nobody knows if that love is true or not, but it has definitely helped her win some brownie points on the show."

    What is his opinion about the contestants in general? "I don't think any of the contestants, including Tanishaa, respect their families. They were openly abusing each other and getting intimate. Why would anyone do all this on national television? It's all about footage here."

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    Kushal and Gauahar are incompatible: Andy

    He was adored by the couch potatoes for his dry sense of humour, his dancing acumen and easy camaraderie.

    Today, Andy is out of Bigg Boss 7, but he is already looking forward to meeting all the contestants when the show is over. He makes it clear "There is not a single person out there, whom I would not meet with an open heart. Nobody was bad, and whatever negativity happened inside the celebrity home, remains there."

    Shilpa is a friend for life Agreed, he has no ill feelings for any of his housemates, but who is that one person, who has become his friend for life? "It is Shilpa Saklani. She will remain my friend for life, even though I was close to Tanishaa, Sangram Singh etc.," says he.

    My equation with Gauahar changed... And what about Gauahar Khan, who, according to him, was his sister in the celebrity house? "She was my sister for sure. But our equation changed when Kushal Tandon came and declared undying love for her. I felt ignored because Kushal had an opinion on everything. Even when my joke went wrong, I expected Gauahar to come and hit a tapli on my head and say 'what are you doing.' But, I'm sure even she didn't realize when things just went out of her hand and Kushal got violent. That's not all! He even threatened to kill me!"

    Let's see what happens when the show ends Does he see Kushal and Gauahar taking their relationship forward and getting married in near future? Andy replies, saying: "Once the show ends, let's see what happens. I really can't say anything at this point. But, I have always felt that Gauahar and Kushal are incompatible!"

    Tanishaa-Armaan will come closer And what is his take on Tanishaa-Armaan love story? "I can see Tanishaa-Armaan coming closer after the show. They are right for each other and I can see it clearly."

    I have a soulmate Now that he's speaking about two love stories, is there someone outside the house, who was waiting for him too? Andy says: "Yes, I have a soul mate. And I'm not blushing when I'm saying this."

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    Payal roots for beau Sangram's 'Bigg Boss' victory

    Actress Payal Rohatgi, whose wrestler-boyfriend Sangram Singh is one of the finalists of "Bigg Boss - Saath 7", says she wants him to get the maximum votes and win the reality show. Also, she has a New Year resolution to avoid any fights with him.

    "I want everyone to vote for him and I would obviously root for my boyfriend. Please vote for him," Payal said here on the sidelines of a rehearsal for a New Year's Eve performance.

    The show's finale will go on air on Colors Saturday. Sangram Singh is competing with Gauahar Khan, Tanisha Mukherjee and Ajaz Khan for the winner's trophy.

    Whether he wins or not, Sangram will be happy when he comes out of the show as Payal has a special resolution for 2014 and it is totally in his favour.

    "My New Year resolution is I will never fight with Sangram. I always fight with him and he patches up. But this time after living away from him for three-and-half months, I've realised that I can't live without him. So, it's better that I don't fight with him," Payal said.

    Payal and Sangram met on the reality show "Survivor India" in 2011.

    Since the last three months, Payal has been concentrating on Sangram's "Bigg Boss" show, now she wants to concentrate on her own career.

    "Lots of things (career wise) should happen now because for the last three months I have been concentrating on Sangramji in 'Bigg Boss'. It is a very big and popular reality show, and I was more scared than he was when he was going for it."

    "I have been concentrating completely on his show and now I think I should start concentrating on my career also," added the actress, who has been a part of an earlier season of "Bigg Boss".

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    Tanishaa-Armaan's bedroom act in Bigg Boss 7

    If the performances lined up for the finale episode of Bigg Boss Season 7 are anything to go by, it is going to be a spectacle for the viewers.

    Apart from Salman Khan's performance with his favourite contestant Elli Avaram, Kushal Tandon will go inside the house to perform with his lady-love Gauahar Khan. But what has caught our attention is the Tanishaa-Armaan's bedroom act. Before you jump to any conclusion, the two will be seen performing to Bahe More Naina in a bedroom set-up.

    Informs a source from the show, "Tanishaa and Armaan's act is arguably the highlight act of the show. One wouldn't have expected the two to perform together. It's a bedroom set-up and Tanishaa has dressed up like a fairy. Choreographer Remo Dsouza, Punit Pathak and group have gone inside to teach the two inmates their dance moves."

    This one will certainly set the temperature soaring.

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