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Thread: Bigg Boss Season 7 Spoiler: Official News Chit Chat Hot Gossip Forum

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    Payal Rohatgi with Kushal Tandon on Bigg Boss 7?

    Small screen's controversial reality show Bigg Boss is known for throwing interesting twists and turns every time the show goes through a dull moment.

    But this time along with the viewers, the contestants of Bigg Boss 7 will also be soon in for a surprise as ex Bigg Boss contestant Payal Rohatgi will enter the house with Kushal Tandon.

    Sources inform that the show will soon witness an interesting special Freeze Task. During the task, close friends or family members of the Bigg Boss contestants are unaware about the entry of their family members and once they make an entry the contestants have to remain in a statue position. While doing the freeze tasks the contestants cannot talk, react or move. Apparently, the makers of the show had also approached Armaan Kohli's girlfriend Tanya Singh for the show but she refused to be a part of it.

    For the uninitiated, a similar task was done last year in season 6 when Delnaaz Irani's brother Bakhtiyaar and Urvashi Dholakia's two sons had entered the house.

    Both Payal and Kushal remained unavailable for comments.

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    Does Salman not want Kushal back in ‘Bigg Boss’ house?

    While there is a huge debate if and when Kushal Tandon will re-enter the 'Bigg Boss', there are rumours that say Salman Khan is not too keen about Kushal's return to the show.

    The former Bigg Boss contestant has apparently been pleading the channel to have him back on the show without any pre-conditions. However, a Mid-Day report says that Salman apparently holds a grudge against Kushal's claim that the superstar had apologized to him after he was forced out of the house.

    Quoting a source from the show, the report further says that the production house and the channel have been requesting Salman to allow Kushal's re-entry in the show. They are keen to cash in the chemistry Kushal shared with Gauhar Khan for TRPs. However, the superstar is not giving any response to their pleas.

    It also seems that Kushal's claims that he was often being targeted and Salman's partial behaviour towards other inmates might have irked the superstar. And since Salman is not known for his forgiving nature, the channel will have to put in lot of pressure to get Salman's approval for Kushal's re-entry.

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    Tanisha hugs Kushal and welcomes him in Bigg Boss

    After much speculation, Kushal Tandon will be seen entering the Bigg Boss house tonight.

    A couple of weeks back, Kushal was dismissed from the Bigg Boss house owing to his aggression and misconduct towards Andy. Even though Gauahar, who walked out with Kushal, returned back in the house just a day later, there was always an expectation about his return. Kushal has been apologetic about his behavior, owing to which Bigg Boss has decided to give him another chance and re-enter the Bigg Boss house.

    As the contestants are about to call it a day, Kushal makes a dhamakedaar entry to the song 'Badtameez Dil'. Hearing the song, Gauahar comes running to the garden area and keeps staring at the door expecting Kushal to enter any minute. When the door opens, Gauahar followed by Kamya go running to Kushal and give him a tight hug while Tanisha and Andy are taken aback.

    Contrary to his behavior prior to Kushal's exit the first time round, Armaan seems quite happy with his return and proceeds to hug him repeatedly. Letting bygones be bygones, Kushal gives Andy and Tanisha a warm hug and also presents the contestants with gifts which he has carefully selected for them. Amidst all the chaos, Gauahar seems to get sidelined and not get the attention she desires.

    While everyone welcomes Kushal with open arms, Andy and Tanishaa do not seem to be quite happy with his return. However, the two decide to give him another chance while still reserving their judgment about him and his return.

    Will Kushal really turn a new leaf or go back to his wayward ways? Will Andy ever forgive Kushal?

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    Armaan’s mother gives a go ahead to Tanisha-Armaan?

    Most talked about contestant of Bigg Boss 7, Kushal Tandon has not only brought happiness on the faces of his special friend 'Gauahar Khan' but also on his fans.

    However, Kushal's comeback has also given Armaan and Tanisha a reason to rejoice.

    According to reliable sources, Kushal who entered the Bigg Boss house yesterday night (November 20 2013) brought with him gifts for all the contestants which he had carefully selected for them and there was a special surprise gift in store for Armaan-Tanisha from Armaan's mother.

    "Bigg Boss contestant Armaan Kohli's mother Nishi Kohli sent a special message through Kushal. She said that she is very fond of Tanisha as she is a very nice girl and also asked him to give her a nice hug and kiss from her side," says a source.

    Armaan and Tanisha's relationship has been under the scanner since the day they became pals. After Tanisha's recent acknowledgement of her feelings for Armaan and the latter's mother's go ahead things seems to be going in the couple's favour. However, it would be interesting to see Mukerjee family and Ajay Devgn's reaction once Tanisha is out of the house.

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    “If not Andy, I want Tanisha to win Bigg Boss 7”

    Celebrities and family members visiting Bigg Boss 7 house to meet and greet the inmates are making headlines these days. Dolly Bindra, Payal Rohatgi, Nigaar Khan, Andy's mother and Kamya's mother recently visited the house and Andy's mother, who had requested the inmates to make her kid their next captain also speaks about whom she wishes to see as the Bigg Boss winner.

    "Of course I want Andy to win the game," states Andy's mother. On being asked if not Andy whom does she feels should win the game and the mother promptly said, "I want Tanisha to win the game."

    "I want Tanisha because she is someone, who have never hurt anyone in the house neither she got into dirty politics but always helped each one. She is fair enough to be the winner. My next choice would be Sangram, he is a sweetheart, who never hurts anyone," thinks Andy's mother.

    Who wins the trouphy this season is something to wait and watch. For now, few weeks to go folks!

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    Want to settle down with Sangram: Payal Rohatgi

    Talented actress and ex Bigg Boss contestant who is in a live-in relationship with Wrestler Sangram Singh from past two years says that Sangram's absence has brought a vacuum in her life and she has realized that Sangram is the one who she wants to settle down with.

    "Sangram is my best friend. He loves me more than himself and his absence in my life has brought a vacuum in my life. Sangram has been always around me and has handled everything very nicely. So, now when he's not around, I've realized one thing that he's my soul mate and he's the one with whom I want to settle down," said Payal.

    Well, we hope Payal's wish comes true.

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    Kushal disappointed to see Gauhar mingle with Armaan

    Every week, Bigg Boss is fuelled with fights and disputes and this week seems to be no different.

    Tonight in the Bigg Boss, Gauahar and Kushal are seen talking to each other about avoiding Armaan and Tanisha. Gauahar and Kushal have had no qualms in admitting that they hate the fact that Armaan is back in the house after getting evicted over the weekend.

    Moreover,they are looking at his re-entry as a challenge because it has reduced their chances of winning the show. However, later in the day, Kushal is disappointed to see that Gauahar is still mingling with Armaan and even treating him with a lot of respect.

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    Will the much publicized Bigg Boss love last?

    When Kushal Tandon proposed to Gauhar Khan last week on Bigg Boss 7, it raised many eyebrows. While some sections thought it was to gain footage, past contestants of the BB house with link-ups, feel that it is as genuine as it can get. We bring you some of the romantic liaisons in the house.

    Season 6: Karishma Kotak and Vishal Karwal
    Status: Rumoured to be dating
    Though the two were just friends on the show, the relationship matured to love once they came out. And they have been keeping it quite secretive. Vishal, who is busy doing Punjabi films said, "It is none of my business to comment on the relationship of Gauhar and Kushal as one cannot generalise things. And, as far as my relationship with Karishma is concerned, it is too personal. I would rather talk about my work than anything else." Though Vishal isn't keen to talk about his personal life, he reveals, "But I do have a pressure of getting married from my family. So, wedding bells might ring soon."

    Season 5: Pooja Bedi and Sky Walker
    Status: Still a couple
    Pooja Bedi and Sky aka Akashdeep Saigal bonded with each other more than anyone else in the house. The two fought for each other and went on to becoming a couple, once they were outside the house. Sources close to the couple say that Sky is very close to Pooja's kids as well. However, Pooja, who is presently holidaying in Goa, doesn't want to acknowledge Bigg Boss for their love story. "Sunny (Leone), Juhi (Parmar), Sky and me became great friends in the house. And then we moved on from there. But there is nothing related to Bigg Boss in it, and I can't comment on it," she said.

    Season 4: Sara Khan and Ali Merchant
    Status: The couple divorced in 2010
    Sara and Ali were married on the show, but the two split soon after they were out. It is rumoured that Ali had apparently used all of Sara's money, when she was in the house. Presently, Sara is trying to make her mark in Bollywood, with current boyfriend Paras Chhabra. The couple has been very vocal about their relationship. "I can't compare my situation with Kushal and Gauhar. I am a different individual. They might be good, so I only have good wishes for them. It was a difficult time for me, and now, I have moved on. Paras and I were meant to be," Sara said.

    Season 3: Claudia Ciesla and Pravesh Rana
    Status: Not in touch anymore
    An inmate of season 3 on conditions of anonymity said, "Both of them are not in touch anymore. One feels very lonely inside that house. And Claudia became very close to Pravesh, as he was of her age, and very handsome. They tried to keep it alive and did see each other for a couple of months, but it was very hard."

    Season 2: Rahul Mahajan and Payal Rohatgi
    Status: Both of them have moved on It was rumoured that Rahul and Payal were seeing each other, even before they entered the house. But the couple broke up soon after. Payal is now seeing Sangram Singh, who is now a part of BB 7 and Rahul is married to model Dimpy Ganguly. The two are not in touch and don't even see eye to eye at social gatherings. When we contacted Rahul, he replied via a message, "I don't know about anything, honestly." Payal chose not to respond to calls.

    Season 1: Aryan Vaid and Anupama Varma
    Status: Aryan is married to yoga instructor Alexandra Copley, while Anupama moved on.
    The first season had been witness to the love story between Aryan and Anupama. From cozying up, to weeping when Aryan left the house, the couple seemed inseparable. However, things changed once the show ended. Aryan, who is presently in the US, said, "Such relationships are just as real as any relationship formed outside between two people. They stand just as much a chance of working out/or not and is completely dependent on the couple. I am happy for Kushal and Gauhar. As for my personal story, honestly it was just a case of two good people both being good for each other."

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    Who will win this season of Bigg Boss?

    Past contestants pick potential winners of this season’s Bigg Boss

    Past seasons of Bigg Boss saw contestants with strong identities emerge winners — with women mostly making that list. This season, the debate is whether it will be Gauahar Khan's year (she is being talked about for her proximity to Kushal Tandon) or Andy who has held his own despite not many people being aware of his existence apart from the show. Maybe it will be wrestler Sangram Singh's year? He shows a balanced temperament and comes from a different background than the rest of the group. Even Kamya Punjabi showed herself to be transparent. We spoke to past season winners and asked them to pick who they thought had the best chances this year.

    Rahul Roy Season 1 Winner You never really know who will be the winner till the last episode. Even if you have been balanced throughout the show, at the last minute if you do something out of impulsiveness, you will lose. I think this year they have a very powerful cast, but I like Sangram Singh the most. He doesn't belong to the entertainment industry and is very simple. It shows that he can't understand the games people play and if he wins, it will be for his spirit and for being a sportsperson. He has also been extremely patient with everyone shouting and fighting on the show and so I think he deserves to win.

    Vindoo Dara Singh Season 3 Winner They have a very dreadful cast this time. Each one has created some or the other controversy on the show and each one is getting loud at each other. It is very difficult to predict who will win at this point, because it could be anyone. Kamya, Gauahar, Tanishaa...they are all potential winners for the show. But if you look at it closely, I think Kamya is doing well and she should win the show if she plays it well. I think the girls are not letting the guys win after I won the show.

    Juhi Parmar Season 5 Winner Apurva Agnihotri and Shilpa are my close friends so I had wanted them to win. Apurva was playing very well on the show. But now I think it could be either Kamya Punjabi or Gauahar Khan. Kamya is very transparent and she calls a spade a spade. She is not manipulative at all. She speaks her mind, is not scared of airing her mind and is not scheming. Gauahar on the other hand gets emotionally affected very fast.

    Urvashi Dholakia Season 6 Winner I feel this time every contestant just knows what they are going to do on the show. They know exactly what kind of image they want to portray in front of the masses. I like Andy because he is a thorough entertainer. He has survived for so many weeks without any support. He was also not popular with the masses before. No matter what fights he has had in the house I think he has played the game very well. Armaan and Ajaz also provide entertainment, specially Armaan with his anger. Someone with a strong identity — like Kamya or Gauahar — could be potential winners, but I like Andy.

    Delnaazz Irani Season 6 Contestant This season is too complicated. I feel Sangram is the Delnaazz of this season. I want him to win. He is righteous, and very patient and very nice to everyone. This game is so difficult and the money is huge, so even nice people get misunderstood and their goodness could be misinterpreted. Last season, I came so close to winning and yet did not win the show and everyone felt sorry for me. I feel Sangram is the best candidate and he has come so far like me and so I feel that this time someone clean like him should win rather than someone who has been cunning and manipulative and wins the show.

    Payal Rohatgi Season 2 Contestant It is not because I am Sangram Singh's girlfriend or because I have known him. I was also a contestant and know how emotions and situations coax a person to reveal their true self in the show. Throughout the season, this just goes on to prove that Sangram has maintained a mature level and though he does not belong to a rich family, he has never resorted to bad language or abuses and even in a fight with Armaan he continued to address him as 'aap'. Even the women in the show, at least some of them have continued to play the 'bechaari woman' card time and again. So, the aggression from women has been quite strong in this season than any other. Even if Sangram does not win the show, I can vouch for the fact that anyone who has seen the show will remember him as a great individual.

    Sambhavna Seth Season 2 Contestant I think Sangram would win because he is not playing any games. He didnt even become captain once, neither did he crib about it whereas Andy was so open about the desire to become one. I know him as a person also coincidentally, he is not faking it even inside the house and it is he who was instrumental in turning Payal Rohatgi and me from archrivals to friends one year ago. I feel he is the most deserving candidate . Also, Tanishaa seem to be a smart player.

    Dolly Bindra Season 6 Contestant This show is such that things can change in a minute or overnight. Any person can suddenly turn into a hero or a villain overnight with the change in circumstances. So even if someone has played the game honestly for three months and has been a sincere person, he can change for a minute due to change in circumstances. So in this season, I feel it is Sangram Singh who has won the hearts of audiences. He is sincere, kind and played the game just very well in the show. So, I want people to vote for him.
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    Bigg Boss: Armaan Kohli arrested, to be back in soon?

    Recently, (December 15 2013) TOI reported about Lonavla police officials arriving on the sets of Bigg Boss 7 to inquire about the complaint made by British actress and singer Sophia Hayat against Bigg Boss inmate Armaan Kohli, accusing him of assaulting her.

    And the latest we hear is that the Lonavla police have arrested Bollywood actor Armaan Kohli on Monday night.

    Sources inform that Armaan was arrested from the sets of Bigg Boss in Lonavla. The police officials have obtained the CCTV footage of the Bigg Boss house wherein during the task the incident took place. We also hear that Armaan has been taken away from the Bigg Boss house by the Lonavla police to verify the allegations made by Sophia. However, according to the Bigg Boss contract no contestant can be taken mid-way from the show and Armaan will be back in the Bigg Boss house in a day or two.

    For the uninitiated, Sophia had filed a complaint against Armaan Kohli at Santacruz police station on Thursday night. In her complaint Sophia accused Armaan of using derogatory words against her and assaulting her during her stay in the Bigg Boss house after which the case was transferred to the Lonavla police.

    Well, what will be Armaan Kohli's fate and will he return to the Bigg Boss house? Only time will tell.

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