Bigg Boss Season 7 Latest Promo


Less than a month to go for the much awaited Bigg Boss Season 7. Hosted by Bollywood star Salman Khan this season has been touted as the journey of heaven and hell.

Each person has his or her own character and going by the good and bad in each individual this year's theme for Bigg Boss will depict the journey of heaven and hell. The reality show which has a fervent fan following has been eagerly awaited and now the wait ends as the date of the show is out!

Bigg Boss Season 7 goes on air on Colors from Sunday, 15th September at 9 pm. It also means that it will be last few days for two shows – Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha Season 2 and Sanskaar – Dharohar Apnon Ki which will have to go off air to make way for Bigg Boss.

Hosted by Salman Khan who despite being a superstar in Bollywood with his back to back hit movies has not backed off from his commitment of hosting Bigg Boss. In fact the promos till now have been quite interesting as Salman in a double role dons the garb of the angel and the devil to depict Heaven and Hell. Directed by Prashant Issar, Salman's outfits in the promos have been designed by Ashley Rebello. Keeping in mind with this year's theme, Salman in the promo has been shown wearing lots of leather and lycra for his devil look while for the angel look he looks cool and calm in off-white kurtas and shawls which have used Pashmina too.

The promos are noteworthy since they have used cliched stories of Heaven and Hell like the Amrit Manthan sequence or the Tree of Life which in this case bears all the possible fruits. The age old stories used in the promos have been modernized and spoofed giving them a different take which when clubbed with Salman's acting and dialogue delivery end up looking quite hilarious in an interesting manner. Salman's dialogues of 'Wow' and 'Aao' portray how completely different personalities when kept under one roof try to survive and outsmart one another.

The promos of Bigg Boss Season 7 are scheduled to debut on Indian Television this weekend. While just like every year this year too there have been many speculations about the entries, finally on 15th September the grand launch will reveal the final mix of 14 contestants from the world of television, films, sports, politics etc., who will be locked up for three months in the Bigg Boss house with several cameras watching their every move.

Get ready for allegations, nominations, drama – we are sure viewers are ready to watch it all once again!