It's only the fourth day in the Bigg Boss house on Colors TV's reality show Bigg Boss and contestants are feeling the heat!

In tonight's episode, Urvashi and Sayantani are strolling in the garden area when they hear somebody whisper `fishy fishy`. While they suspect somebody called them, they choose to ignore it. After a while, Vrijesh is seen sitting in the garden area. Suddenly he too hears`fishy fishy` leaving him in a state of shock. Looks like the cameras he used to talk to are getting back to him!

Vrajesh Hirjee, seen for his comic roles and funny persona, has been talking to the Bigg Boss house cameras from day one. In tonight's episode, Vrajesh will be in the garden area near the aquarium when suddenly a voice speaks out to him.

This season, as viewers are aware, there are new elements to entertain the inmates including Radhe the parrot and Fishy Kapoor. And the voice that speaks to Vrajesh is none other than the Fishy. A surprised Vrajesh goes closer to the fish and gets a secret task to keep an eye on Thakur. This is a secret code word for one of the contestants.

As usual, Vrajesh indulges in a dialogue with the Fishy and tells it that contestants are already beginning to lose it in the Bigg Boss house. Just then Nirahua walks out and asks Vrajesh who he's talking to. And Vrajesh just shrugs it off saying he's telling his sob story to the fish.

Who is Thakur and will Nirahua believe Vrajesh? Stay clued in to get all the latest updates on Bigg Boss!