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    I am over and done with Rajev: Delnaaz

    In a shocking turn of events, actress Delnaaz Irani, who was till the last episode leading the race with maximum votes, has been eliminated from Bigg Boss. While she was getting along fine initially with ex-husband Rajev Paul inside the house, their dynamics changed when her brother Bhaktiyaar Irani visited her a while back. Even outside, their families were fighting it out in the media. TOI spoke to Delnaaz, who sounded shocked about being evicted from the show. Excerpts:

    Washing dirty linen in public
    The intricate details of our marriage and the actual reason of our divorce was under the carpet for two years. However, the conversation between Rajev and his brother Rakesh revealed it all. My brother Bhaktiyaar didn't say a word about the divorce. He only asked him why he didn't pursue me for the past two years and why he was doing so on national television.

    I am not a bechari
    If I am being called Miss Bechari or Miss Diplomatic, it's all thanks to Rajev. Had I been a bechari, I wouldn't have picked up the pieces of my broken marriage and started afresh. How can his brother tarnish my image? The fact is, Rajev is staying in a loan-free house, while I have to repay the loan for the house I am living in.

    Rajev is a sympathy-seeker
    A lot has happened since our divorce two-and-a-half years ago. We have been through counselling and tried reconciliation and when everything failed, we went for a mutual divorce. Why is he playing the emotional card now? Especially, when we know that he has moved on in life. Why open a closed chapter and fake it to the world that you love me? He even went on to say that he is worried for me while he has a lot of options outside. Who knows, I can also give a statement in six months that I'm madly in love with someone. But yes, I can confidently say that I am over and done with Rajev.

    Families fighting it out
    I am not aware of it, because all this happened when I was inside the house. I just want peace and I would like to forgive and forget.

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    Sapna was the fakest person: Delnaaz Irani

    Delnaaz Irani — one of the top contenders for winning Bigg Boss this season — who was evicted on Tuesday, seemed pretty shocked at the turn of events. "It was pretty shocking for me.

    Kaafi dhakka laga. But I can't be in shock all day. So I am trying to take it positively. It's a game. I have to take it in the right spirit. I have no clue as to what went wrong." She said she knew that Sana Khan and ex-husband Rajev Paul were nothing more than friends, regardless of what the world thinks.

    "She respects him and treats him like a confidant." On being asked about the spats between Rajev and co-contestant Imam Siddique, she said, "I advised Rajev to stop reacting to Imam. Rajev is solely responsible of making Imam whatever he is on the show. The kind of mileage and footage that Imam is getting on the show is all due to Rajev. Every small action of his has been scrutinized and commented on him by Rajev. As for Imam, I really can't understand the kind of person Imam is. He is extreme. Either he is very weird or very intelligent," she said, adding that Rajev was in the habit of getting angry on small things and snapping at the slightest provocation.
    She listed her favourite contestants to win the show were Sana and Urvashi Dholakia, adding that she would be highly surprised if Imam wins the show. "My favourites in the house were Aashka Goradia, Sana, Aseem Trivedi and Sidhu ji. On the other hand, Sapna Bhavnani, Niketan Madhok and Karishma Kotak pretended that they didn't know the game, but were playing along since Day One," she said. When told about Sapna calling her a bechari Mother India, she snapped and said, "Sorry Sapna, I am no bechari. No bechari will walk out of a foul marriage and work hard for a living. That's a stupid opinion. If I appeared as miss goody-too-shoes, then that is the way I am. Sapna was one of the fakest persons in the house. She always pretended she didn't know the game.

    She demeaned the platform that she got and thought she was way above all TV actors. She exactly knew where she was coming. It was rude for her to call the game a rat race and a pigeon hole. After all this, she would throw a fit whenever she was nominated. She was so fake that she herself didn't know what she wanted in life. Delnaaz signed off by saying Bigg Boss was incomplete without Salman Khan.
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    Bigg Boss Season 6 reaches its finale!

    As the Season reaches its last leg, the final 5 contestants - Urvashi Dholakia, Niketan Madhoka, Rajev Paul, Sana Khan and Imam Siddique, are putting on their best foot forward to take home the Bigg Boss crown!

    While Sana and Rajev are busy romancing each other post Delnaz's exit from the show, Urvashi and Niketan are playing smart to take the bag full of 50 lacs win! Imam continues with his antics of making an attempt to tickle the funny bones of the audiences whereas the contestants are yet finding it difficult to bear with him in the house.

    His over the top make up, loud dressing and drama has made him quiet a hit with the audiences. Surviving 90 odd days in the house and staying away from their family and friends, all of them have come a long way. Urvashi's stint on the show has proved her to be a woman of substance being a single mother. Harping on the fact that he is here to have fun, Niketan kept his family's financial crisis under wraps for the longest time, which was why he took to the show. Rajev's main motto to be on the show was to woo his ex-wife, but looks like he has gotten better options after making some new friends in the house.

    With all the madness that has been happening inside the house, there is a lot that is being planned for the Grand Finale this January 12th. While Salman Khan remains the host of the show, he will enter with all the ex-contestants of the season on the song 'Pandeyji seeti'.

    Prabhudeva and Remo D Souza will be seen doing the ABCD of dance, while Emraan Hashmi will reveal the first trailer of his movie 'Ek Thi Daayan'. Emraan will also be seen dancing with three female ex-contestants of the house. Neha Dhupia and Tusshar Kapoor will be seen doing some Nautanki - a new comedy show on COLORS while Yana Gupta will be seen doing a special cage act - where she is out to hunt down her prey from the housemates.

    For those who love the saas-bahu sagas, Rashmi Desai, Pooja Gaur and Rati Pandey will be seen performing on the stage. A few ex-contestants will be seen putting up a few crackling performances, like Vishal and Karishma will be seen in dancing underwater inside the Bigg Boss house while Sampat Pal will be showcasing an act that will be based on women empowerment.

    While Nirahua will be seen grroving to a hip hop number, Sapna will be seen entering the stage in a traditional lehenga-choli and dancing to a Bhojpuri number with him. Vrajesh will enter the house and get candid with the final contestants. While there is all this and much more fun planned for the Bigg night, we hope the contestants inside the house get their share of fair entertainment too and all we can hope for is... may the best man or woman win!

    Don't miss the Grand Finale of Bigg Boss 6 On Saturday, 12th January 2013 At 9.00 PM, Only on COLORS.

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    Rajev Paul eliminated from Bigg Boss-6

    Bigg Boss season 6 Finale is just a day away and the show has witnessed yet another elimination.

    After one of the most promising finalists Delnaaz Irani's shocking eviction, the latest contestant to walk out of the house is Rajev Paul.

    Rajev who spent 95 days inside the Bigg Boss house was evicted today as part of the normal nomination that happens every Friday. Rajev's stay in the Bigg Boss house has seen many ups and down.

    His closeness with co-contestant Sana, his love-hate relationship with ex-wife Delnaaz Irani and his constant fight with Imam were talk of the town.

    Rajev's elimination has given the viewers their top four finalists of this season in the form of Sana Khan, Niketan Madhok, Imam Siddiqui and Urvashi Dholakia.

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    Who will win Bigg Boss 6?

    As the sixth season of the reality show Bigg Boss reaches its last leg, the latest casualty is Rajev Paul. That leaves the final four contestants - Urvashi Dholakia, Niketan Madhok, Sana Khan and Imam Siddique — to battle it out for the crown.

    At the grand finale, host Salman Khan will perform to the show's title track, which also includes a medley of his popular dialogues from his hit movies. His performance is choreographed by Remo D'Souza.

    So, who will be the lucky one? While the wait for the winner continues, TOI lists out the final four contestants' strengths and weaknesses.

    Urvashi Dholakia

    Strength: Upfront, brutally honest, stands up for what is right, smart player

    Weakness: Loud and gets personal, dominating, confrontational, seems to be losing composure at this stage

    Niketan Madhok

    Strength: Calm and composed, clever player, non-controversial, refined, balanced

    Weakness: Laid back, diplomatic, manipulative, doesn't take a stand.

    Imam Siddique

    Strength: Complete entertainment, honest, articulate

    Weakness: Rude, predictable, provocative, nagging, volatile-tempered

    Sana Khan

    Strength: Lively, positive outlook, popular, cheerful and fun-loving

    Weakness: Legally Blonde, gullible, attention-seeker, not very dependable

    Bigg Boss 6 Grand Finale airs tonight on Colors.
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    Urvashi Dholakia likely to win Bigg Boss 6?

    Race for the Bigg Boss crown will end tonight with Urvashi Dholakia, Sana Khan, Niketan Madhok or Imam Siddiqui taking the Rs. 50 lakh jackpot home. Most contestants, who have actually stayed with the top four in the house, think Urvashi is the most deserving inmate and will most likely emerge as the winner.

    Sapna Bhavnani
    Most deserving: I hope Imam wins. Going by the show’s tagline, Imam is different and stands out from the bunch. I love his madness and I love everything about him.
    Most likely to win: Niketan

    Vishal Karwal
    Most deserving: Sana deserves to win. She has been good in the house. She hasn’t picked up fights to get noticed. She has been a very good contestant on the show.
    Most likely to win: Urvashi

    Karishma Kotak
    Most deserving: Urvashi and Niketan are both deserving. Both are strong, honest and straight forward people. I like both of them equally. Either of them should win.
    Most likely to win: Urvashi

    Aseem Trivedi
    Most deserving: Niketan should win the show. He has a calm and balanced personality. He hasn’t got into unnecessary fights during the show.
    Most likely to win: Imam

    Aashka Goradia
    Most deserving: Urvashi has huge popularity built over the years and has taken it forward during the show. Sana now has many followers, so she is equally deserving.
    Most likely to win: Sana

    Vrajesh Hirjee
    Most deserving: Urvashi is real. She has played a smart game. She has been strong during the show. Niketan is also deserving but Urvashi has been more interesting.
    Most likely to win: Urvashi, Niketan

    Santosh Shukla
    Most deserving: Urvashi is bold, blunt and straight-forward. She has been a responsible contestant and has played a clean game without any politics.
    Most likely to win: Urvashi

    Mink Brar
    Most deserving: Urvashi is a lovely person. She is what she is. My second vote goes to Niketan as being a guy he’s calm, composed and well-behaved always.
    Most likely to win: Urvashi

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    Urvashi wins Bigg Boss 6, Imam wins Best Entertainer

    The grand finale of Bigg Boss 6 that has been running for the past few months on Colors channel finally happened today and Urvashi Dholakia was announced as the winner.

    Urvashi along with Sana, Imam and Niketan were amongst the final four on the show today. From all of them, Niketan was the first to be eliminated. Further Sana was declared as the second runner up. While Imam happens to be the first runner up, he also won an additional prize.

    Imam Siddiqui won Rs 10 lakhs for being the Best Entertainer in the Bigg Boss house. Salman Khan mentioned that Imam certainly deserved the title. Imam has been garnering attention for his idiosyncrasies ever since he entered the house as a wild card entry.

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    Imam does not regret verbal spat with Salman Khan

    Image consultant Imam Siddique, who had an argument with superstar Salman Khan during his stint in the just concluded reality show 'Bigg Boss', says he does not regret it

    During one of the nomination episodes, Imam had a spat with show's host Salman and he even said "time out" in his typical style to the actor.

    "It (argument) was unpleasant and unwarranted. I think I should have done a reality check. He is a bigger superstar. I am ashamed of it. But I don't regret it," Imam told.

    On if he would meet Salman and clarify or resolve the matter, he said, "Why should I meet him... why to interact with him on that thing."

    Imam was the runner up of 'Bigg Boss 6' that concluded last night, while popular television actress Urvashi Dholakia won the show by a narrow margin.

    "I am happy Urvashi won the show. She reminds me of my sister. I respect her for what she is and the way she is taking care of her children," Imam said.

    "I am happy I lost. I am happy for her," he said.

    During the show, Imam indulged in fighting, yelling, troubling co-contestants. "I did things for entertaining people," he said.

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    I would want to be Sana's friend forever: Rajeev Paul

    Just three days after the ouster of ex-wife Delnaaz Irani from Bigg Boss 6, television actor Rajev Paul too got eliminated. While his love-hate relationship with Delnaaz sparked a controversy on the show, his intimacy with starlet Sana Khan also raised eyebrows. However, the one man who brought out the worst in Rajev was Imam Siddique. TOI spoke to Rajev soon after his eviction from the house. Excerpts:

    Imam being the most badtameez person
    Audience might find Imam entertaining during those 45 minutes that they see him on TV, but dealing with him for the whole day is a different ballgame altogether. Salman used to meet us only once a week and yet he couldn't control his temper when Imam insulted Shah Rukh Khan and Preity Zinta. Recently, when Salman was inside the house, he said, 'Imam, don't try your tricks on me. I am worried about my reaction now that I am not on TV.' Imam is the most badtameez person I have ever met. When Anushka Sharma came to the house, she admitted to being afraid of him. His mental condition is not right, he needs treatment. He uses abusive language and does not know how to speak to girls. I behaved with him just as I would have done if I were not on the cameras. Sorry, but I can't be that diplomatic. This is not the age of Gandhiji where you practice non-violence. Now if anyone slaps me on one cheek, I will break that person's jaws. Imam should be thankful to me that he got so much footage because of me.

    On being a sympathy seeker
    If I am a real person and I am emotional, they call me a cry baby and a sympathy seeker. First, Delnaaz's brother and mother come inside the house to insult me, and then they feel bad about my reactions. What was Delnaaz doing? She feels bad when Imam insults her. One the one hand she asks me to take a stand. And then, just to portray a forgiving image in front of the audience, she dances with him. So who was playing the game? When Imam drove her best friends, Sana and Aashka Goradia, to tears, why didn't she take a stand? During the finals, I even offered to quit the game so that she could win, and she says I played the emotional card. She could have done the same, then why didn't she? It's a woman's world. In any given situation, what the man does is considered wrong. However, Delnaaz has been my wife for 14 years. I love her and respect her and wish her all the best.

    On Bhakhtiyaar coming inside the house and insulting him
    Bhakhtiyaar should eat almonds to jog his memory as to what he did when he was on Bigg Boss. Everybody knows how he behaved with his wife and with Claudia. Ask Urvashi Dholakia about the text messages he sent her before she entered the house. My brother also came on TV, but didn't say anything. When Farah Khan came inside the house she told Delnaaz that 'you were very popular before your family came inside the house. After that, we have seen a dip in the number of votes for you.' They only brought up the topic of the divorce and the loans. After the mutual divorce, she got a bigger house of 2 crores which has 10 lakhs of loan pending and I got a house worth 1 crore. Then what is she crying hoarse about? Even if things were just the opposite, I would still have been the bad man.

    On Sana playing the 'pati, patni and woh' game
    Sana is a wonderful girl. I had a good rapport with Sana even before Delnaaz became friends with her. I would want to be her friend forever. If I had feelings for her, why would I deny? I am not married, nor was I seeing anyone. Can't a man and a woman, who are friends, hug and give a small peck on the cheek? Inside the Bigg Boss house, everybody hugged everyone, then why is that Sana and my relationship is being blown out of proportion? It started when Delnaaz's mom came and made such nasty comments. Why should she have a problem with whatever I am doing, now that her daughter and I are not married anymore? During my stay at the house, I made three friends — Sana, Salman Khan and Sidhuji. Salman is an extremely generous person and I will remain indebted to him. This winters, he gifted me a jacket, which is now a prized possession.

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    Urvashi surprised at winning Bigg Boss, says Imam deserved it

    For popular television actress Urvashi Dholakia who won the sixth season of reality show 'Bigg Boss' tonight, co-contestant Imam Siddique is the winner.

    "I felt Imam would win the show considering the tagline of the show is 'alag che'. I did not think I would win. I thought I had no chance of winning," Urvashi told in an interview.

    "I was also shocked when Delnaaz was out. I felt she was a strong contender and that she could win," she added.

    Even though Imam was known to be picking up fights with everyone, "Imam is a winner as a wild card entry to reach till the finale is a big thing. He is a perfect entertainer for the audience," she said.

    Urvashi, who won Rs 50 lakh in cash and a trophy, became the third TV actress in a row to have won the controversial reality show.

    Throughout her stint in Bigg Boss, Urvashi remained just herself - being straight forward.

    "I was just being myself on the show. I was honest and truthful on the show. I never took sides and gave my straight forward opinion," she said.

    Urvashi, known by her role as on-screen vamp 'Komalika', feels her journey on the reality show was a roller coaster ride.

    "It has been a very nice experience. I learnt lot of things. Its been a roller coaster ride...there have been ups and downs. I have made new relations here like with Sana, Niketan, Mink, Navjot Singh Sidhu," Urvashi said.

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