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    Imam Siddique gets popular with Bigg Boss!

    Stylist and choreographer Imam Siddique is famous, thanks to his high power drama on Bigg Boss.

    If last year Dolly Bindra was Bigg Boss' trump card for getting more people to watch the show, as she displayed her histrionics on screen and fought with people on the show, this year it is Imam Siddique, a stylist and choreographer. Like Dolly, Imam also does not easily register with the masses but he is a stylist and choreographer and designed the look of 'Jassi' for Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin - a popular show on Sony some years back.

    Imam Siddique was thrown out of the Bigg Boss house last week but he again entered with an apology. In few minutes he again started fighting with Aashka Goradia and the fight went on to become a big dose of entertainment for people who watch the show with Imam asking her to pick up her washed clothes from the bathroom and clean it. The way they showed the bathroom in the Bigg Boss mud house is clear how contestants have no easy task living there. The show has definitely garnered enough popularity with Imam threatening the Bigg Boss house to go nude and even sometimes losing his mental balance with wearing Aashka's clothes and teasing her. Due to this, people had become more interested in watching contestants in the mud house than in the original Bigg Boss house.

    And now the viewers will be interested in the original Bigg Boss house as Imam is now shifted there. Anish Makhija, a businessman says, "People love to watch drama and fights. Even according to sources, if these contestants' roles are scripted people enjoy watching high voltage drama, people crying and violent behaviour just like what Dolly Bindra showcased earlier on Bigg Boss. It is only because of such drama that TRPs will increase."

    Rekha Patel, a homemaker says, "The idea to shift Imam to the original Bigg Boss house must be taken because the original house was lacking any entertainment. Imam fights and throws his weight around and that becomes an important source of entertainment."

    Well, for Imam this has been a sure shot way of getting popular apart from his work, as he has displayed enough drama and dialogues with his behaviour on the show!

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    Vishal to go to mud house in Bigg Boss?

    People come and go in the Bigg Boss house. With Imam Siddique's return to the modern house, someone is going to be going to the mud house this weekend.

    Last week, Vrajesh Hirjee joined Aashka Goradia, Santosh Shukla and Nirahua in the mud house. Seems like its Vishal's turn this weekend to say bye to Bigg Boss's modern house for a while.

    Meanwhile, Imam Siddique is up to his usual antics as he finds a new friend in Sapna Bhavnani.

    As the housemates are dwindling in the modern house and the number seems to increasing in the mud house, will there be a real elimination anytime soon?

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    Bigg Boss 6 - Modern and Rustic House merge!

    Remember the famous line Tod do yeh deewaren... well something similar is about to happen in Bigg Boss house! You have seen two action packed houses - the modern house with 10 contestants and the padosi house with 4 contestants.... now Bigg Boss has decided to break the barrier between both the houses and get them all under one roof back again. After 55 days of struggle, it will be a full house yet again at Bigg Boss 6 with the merger of the modern and the rustic looking mud house. Where the modern house contestants were clueless about their padosis, the padosi house contestants have kept a close eye on their every move in the modern house.

    The merger is going to be yet another adventure where both the house contestants will be given only around five minutes of time to pack and move, creating a panic situation.

    Keeping in mind of all that has happened between Imam and the other four contestants of the padosi house - Aashka, Niruaha, Santosh and Vrijesh, it will be interesting to see their reactions when they meet their destiny, land up with Imam once again.

    What will also be interesting is... will the 10 contestants of the modern house be able to squeeze themselves in the padosi house? And for the padosis has the rustic house life toughened them to survive the game ahead or will the modern house contestants be the finals contenders of the game? All we can see wait and watch... the game has just begun.... picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!
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    Imam's days in the house are numbered?

    It seems like Imam's journey from the padosi mud house to the modern home has calmed him. Although it's just been four days since he went inside the latter, Imam's tantrums seem to have subsided. We believe the sudden change in attitude is to be attributed to getting back with his friend and only support in the house, Delnaaz. But what remains to be seen is whether he goes back to his antics once the two houses are merged.

    After re-entering the padosi house, Imam made it clear and that he wasn't willing to play the game with the other mud house inmates — Aashka, Vrajesh, Santosh and Nirahua. Not surprisingly, he was beside himself with excitement when he learnt that he will re-enter the modern house. But most housemates made it evident that he was unwelcome in the game.

    Now it remains to be seen if Delnaaz's good friend and Imam's foe Aashka's entry in the house affects his position in the house.

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    Bigg Boss 6: Delnaaz has a crush on Imam

    Imam Siddique, the image consultant who everyone seems to have taken a dislike to in Bigg Boss from Day One, has an admirer in the house.

    Yes, Delnaaz has agreed that she has had a crush on Imam. This happened when Niketan Madhok walked up to Delnaaz and whispered in her ears that he knew who her first crush was.

    He then went on to take Imam's name. To this, Delnaaz, by now blushing uncontrollably, replied in affirmative and said that "He was such a handsome man that I couldn't help falling for him."

    Apparently, Delnaaz's ex-husband, Rajev Paul, also knew about the crush because as soon as Delnaaz started blushing, Rajev told Niketan that "I know what you just told her."

    We wonder if this the knowledge of this fact irked Rajev and resulted in the ugly spat with Imam while they were guarding one of the bedrooms as part of the task.

    Also, Delnaaz and hairstylist Sapna Bhavnani were visibly the happiest people when Imam walked in as a contestant in Bigg Boss modern house.

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    Bigg Boss 6: Akshay Kumar, Asin meet Salman Khan

    While one hero Salman Khan has earned himself the tag of 'Chulbul Pandey', the other has earned the tag of Khiladi, and that too, for 20 years!

    On this Friday, the day Khiladi 786 releases, India will see their reunion on the small screen, when Bahattar Singh (Akshay) will come to meet Chulbul Pandey (Salman) on Bigg Boss 6.

    Accompanying Akshay will be Asin. Akshay's entry in all his movies has been dramatic and this time his entry on the show too will be nothing less. Housemates will be given a task during the week which will involve strategy, planning, strength, mental and physical abilities that make one a true khiladi. Akshay, who is known to do his stunts in films himself, will be the judge here.

    This episode also promises to be one laughter riot with Chulbul and Bahattar breaking into an argument. And, there's more... Chulbul's signature belt step versus Khiladi's signature wrist-twisting step.

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    Santosh proposes marriage to Karishma Kotak

    Santosh Shukla, the wild card entrant in 'Bigg Boss', has professed his love for co-contestant Karishma Kotak in front of the cameras. Santosh, who was sitting in the garden area along with Vishal Karwal, Imam Siddique and Nirahua, suddenly confessed that he is in love. When asked for the name, he got up and went to the camera and addressed his message to the audience, production team, the channel and even Salman Khan!

    He went on about how he wants to change his image as a big flirt in the house and would change if only a decent girl like Karishma would enter his life as his wife. Santosh said that his love for her was 'pavitra' and 'payas'. Hilariously, Santosh — who had been hitting constantly on Aashka Goradia in the padosi house a few weeks ago — had said exactly the same words to her. He had admitted that he would do anything to win her over and marry her. And the icing on the cake was Karishma walking into them literally the minute he completed his plea to marry her on the show.

    Santosh blushes and quickly exchanges a few words with his new love. Imam adds his expert comments and says that Santosh's swayamvar will happen in the show surely. Well, will Santosh change his love yet again or stick to Karishma?
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    I felt like slapping Imam many times: Mink Brar

    After her eviction from the Bigg Boss's house on Colors, we caught up with Punjabi kudi Mink Brar in a no holds barred chitchat...

    Edited action
    Mink, who's known for her frank and forthright stance in professional as well as personal life, says: "I had told Urvashi and Niketan on Tuesday itself that I have a feeling that I will be going on Friday. The channels have their own agendas and storylines to follow. After coming out of the show, I saw some of the episodes. And I was really surprised that they didn't show a quarter of what all I did inside the house. Everybody knows me as a livewire and I'm always up to some prank or the other. Sadly, nothing of that was shown! Anyways, I am happy that I came out clean, and no damage was done to my image!"

    Imam is most irritating
    And who according to her is the most irritating character in the reality show? "Imam is the most irritating character out there and I felt like slapping him many times, although there are some others too, who deserve similar treatment. From the moment he came, Imam started intimidating everybody and declared that he would be winning the show! And I was like 'yeah sure!' So, from the next day, I started giving it back to him left, right and centre! Every time he would come and apologise to me, and he even said that this is not the Mink that I have known, and I told him that 'you are also behaving like an a****e here! Rajiv Paul is another one, who forgets all his goodness when he is angry, so that is another irritating person out there!"

    We don't even use slang at home
    All those who love the bubbly, chirpy Mink, were shocked to see her weeping inconsolably, when Santosh hurled choicest abuses at everyone after a particular task. Ask her what made her so emotional, and she replies: "I come from a family where we don't even use slang. Once I said 'forget it yaa' and my mother told me Minka, aaj kar liya, aage se aise words use na karna. So, for me it was shocking that a guy, who had entered the home a day back, was happily calling us all bastards! And three women out there were actually supporting him, it was totally not acceptable and that hurt me a lot!"

    Boring love story
    Ask her what does she feel about the post-divorce love story of Rajiv Paul and Delnaz, and Mink says: "Rajiv is an idiot and I told him that he is still being an idiot! When Delnaz has already said it time and again that it's over, he's persisting with his telly romance, just to get focus on the show. It's become so boring, I don't know why they are still persisting with that track. Now even Delnaz's brother Bakhtiar has stated in front of everyone that Rajiv didn't even bother to meet his sister in the past two years, and his antics are nothing but a publicity stunt."

    Delnaz is not so simple
    Interestingly, Mink doesn't have a very high opinion about Delnaz either. "I feel she's not so simple! She's cunning and remains silent whenever Sana, Aashka and Sapna are bitching about Urvashi Dholakia. They started talking ill about Sidhu ji the day he left home. You know silence also means acceptance, so she's silently endorsing all the gossip."

    Urvashi lacks sensitivity
    Mink had formed a great friendship with Urvashi in the celebrity house. She says, getting emotional: "I found Urvashi to be a very bold and straightforward woman. I respect her for the way she has brought up her twins despite being a single mother. Whenever she asked me to make a cup of tea for her, I felt as if my elder sister was asking me for something and I'd gladly do it." But, many viewers felt that Urvashi was tad too nasty to inmates, and when Bakhtiar called her a real life vamp, many rejoiced too. To this, Mink says: "I agree that Usvashi lacks sensitivity, but even when people like Sana and Aashka are mean to her, she politely asks them for tea and food. I'd never do it for anyone!"

    Niketan deserves to win
    And who according to her is the most deserving candidate who could win the show? "I feel Niketan is most deserving. He's sensible, doesn't poke his nose into others' affairs and remains dignified always. There are many who feel he doesn't take a stand, but I feel in that situation, where equations change every few minutes, you have to mind your own business. I hated it when Bakhtiar said 'you don't have spine Niketan.' I openly said 'I have spine enough for both of us'," says she.

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    Doing reality shows drain you emotionally: Vrajesh

    Vrajesh Hirjee who believes in entertaining everyone says that his 62 day stint in the reality show 'Bigg Boss 6', was an eye-opener of sorts for him. When he finally got evicted, he said he felt "on top of the world. It felt like a burden taken off my shoulder. The first thing I did after I came out was to hug my family tightly. I realised how tough life is without phone and internet. To add to it, I was staying with strangers."

    However, Vrajesh admits that "the limitations on food, sleep et al made an impact on us. I smoke a lot and was permitted to smoke a packet for eight days. I lost my cool and ended up fighting with Aashka (Goradia) and Imam (Siddiqui). I liked the challenge of doing this show, but found it emotionally and physically tiring."

    So what are the plans now? "My first plan is to go on a long trip with my family to meet relatives in Vadodara, then I'll come down to Ahmedabad and sample some great food followed by a visit to Nathdwara."

    And workwise? "I had returned signing amounts of all the film projects I'd taken up, but I'll return to the play I was associated with before I did this show. Let's see what else is lined up."

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    Flash mob to storm 'Bigg Boss' house

    Bigg Boss will soon see some serious naach-gaana. A mob of around 60 youngsters are all set to enter the Bigg Boss house and perform a flash dance for the housemates. Their real aim is to distract the housemates from performing their luxury budget task, which for this week, is about keeping time.

    Mudassar Khan, who choreographed the famous belt step for Salman Khan in Dabanng, is training the dancers.

    "I was told about the plan only yesterday. I am very excited. We had thought of many themes like Gangnam style, Michael Jackson, hits of Salman Khan etc. But finally we decided on Indian theme south style. The mob will dance on a mix of five peppy South Indian chartbusters. You can expect a lot of dhamakedar latkas and jhatkas," said Mudassar, who trained the dancers whole night yesterday. The songs that will be played are Daddy-mummy, Aa ante amplapura, Kolavari remix, Rama rama and O ringa ringa. The dancers will be a mix of professionals, amateurs and college students. "The whole performance will be of six minutes. The mob comprising around 25 girls will be dressed up in different attires, as is the case in flash mobs," said Mudassar.

    The episode will be shown on Wednesday night.

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