Bigg Boss season 5 is going through many changes. The show is not able to garner TRPs and in the quest to increase them, the channel is using all the possible gimmicks. First, they got Sunny Leone to attract eyeballs and then planned Mahek's re entry.

Now, the latest guest to enter the house is a Sumo wrestler Yamamotoyama. The wrestler weighs 265 kilos. The wrestler is speculated to reach India today from Tokyo by a Singapore based airline. Reports suggest that the new aircraft of the airlines is quite big to accommodate the wrestler.

After his arrival in Mumbai, the wrestler will be taken to the house in a SUV car. According to our sources, "The channel has made special arrangements for his nocturnal demands and will provide him with a different dinning table. He will be entering the house with a translator this weekend, where he will meet Sanjay Dutt. The other inmates will interact with him using sign language."

Hopefully, this heavy weight will bring some heavy weight TRPs to the show.