Khalli and others totally revealed how rigged is the winner of BiggBoss and also Vindu's winning both trophy & car was undigestable. Most are agreed upon the fact that BB winner is mostly rigged & pre-decided.

But it is interesting to know that even the flow of events is FULLY SCRIPTED and they have decided the basic structure and all events, fights, patch-ups, romance etc of the season in advance.

If this thing has been revealed by an Indian artist, it was understandable that he/she is just putting his fellow Indian artists down due to competition, but when it is coming across the border (Pakistan) no sensible person can think that an artist of the other country can lie about a silly Tv show that how scripted it is, because there is no need for them to do so.

Sadia Imam is one of the BIGGEST names of Pakistani Tv industry (remember Pakistani tv is much bigger an industry then their film industry there) and is a TOP actress, and Television superstar since 12 years, She used to be a top model, and also own her Tv production house that releases many Tv serials every year, so there is no need for her to tell anything that is slightly not true as she is a big name there.

In a most recent Tv interview (13 December 2011) Sadia Imam revealed that she has been offered BiggBoss season-5, and she was agreed to take part as an experience, but then she came to know through BiggBoss-5 officials & executives that the show will be scripted, she has been told in advance that she has to put-on certain acts, should have to choose a male housemate in advance to start a fake-affair with him later on the show, and has been told some other things to act in the show, that were not acceptable as per her limitations so she refused the offer.

This is the big proof that how scripted this show is, not only winner, but the fights, sympathy-seeking dramas, patchups, affairs and the major structure of the show has been prepared in advance. Its more like a TV serial with the only difference that the dialogues have been thought and made by the housemates themselves, else the events have been decided beforehand.

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