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Thread: Its too late but what u guys think about manoj evication

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    Default Its too late but what u guys think about manoj evication

    completely fake, its look like bollywood people don't like bhojpuri, how salman talk with manoj tiwari, man if same situation happen with amitabh bachhan, i don't think so manoj feel little uncomfort.
    but its all fake, i can't believe manoj evicted because of voting. they did because they know the value of manoj between these people, and i think they wants to make somebody win what they already decided like last time Vindu Dara singh, they made vindu win,
    i can trust these show no more. i am watching this show everyday, they bring dolly back, what u think who wants dolly ? and how we know that she back in because of vote, so stupid and well planed decision.

    somebody need to tell these people behind the scene.

    asking your opinion about this please.

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    Default Re: Its too late but what u guys think about manoj evication

    i m totally agree with u mbp2510.........but this show is giving me lot of fun............

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    Default Re: Its too late but what u guys think about manoj evication

    it's still kinda hard to believe that manoj evicted over ashmit but he acted soo nervous all week and the way veena and ashmit traped him and made him say bad things about the other contestant like shewta, sarah and sammer. actually manoooj is kinda proud person in himself and he thinks that he has got more fan following then ashmit but still ashmit is a piece of crap and manooj eviction looked kinda scripted.

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    Default Re: Its too late but what u guys think about manoj evication

    Are you all crazy??? Manoj is no superstar..even though he is, it's just in 2 states of India, rest of the India doesn't even know him, who the hale would watch bhojpuri films,and after seeing his dirty politics and chota dil, anyone would kick him out of the show..Salman behaved the way he did was so obvious, coz Manoj was wrong, he did same thing with Dolly, as she behaved badly before, Salman didn't behave liked this with Hrishant, Aanchal or any other person, coz they all came out with dignity and not like desperate manjoj, who is so proudy, arrogant n have no respect for other ppl .I have never heard Manjo's name, nor anyone I know knows him, then how is that person a superstar?Superstar is someone who is atleast recognized n loved by majority ppl of country .
    I don't like Ashmit either, but he defi don't do childish acts n politics like Manoj tiwari..
    I am so happy that dirty person went out
    ab khudki reality pata baadal garjte hai wo barste nahi hai..
    I can't believe what you liked in Manoj Tiwari? His politics, backside bitching, hariy back, his small harted nature, never giving but believes in taking attitude??
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