Before entering the Bigg Boss house on Tuesday, Pamela Anderson had said that she doesn’t mind doing the household chores.

Well, that’s exactly what she was seen doing during her first day’s stay in the Bigg Boss house. After making a dazzling entry in the house, Pamela gelled well with the housemates and thoroughly enjoyed the paranthas made for breakfast by Seema Parihar.

Later, the hot blonde wrapped herself into a sarong and began cleaning the house. She swept the floor clean with a broom.

Pamela seemed to be having some difficulty in handling the Indian-style broom. But she got the hang of it soon.

Hottie with broom

Wah! Pamela

Though everybody had thought that Pamela, being a guest for three days, would be spared the duties that the housemates usually have to perform,
but Pamela’s alacrity at doing the chores certainly impresses us.

Pamela Anderson dances on raunchy Bollywood song

How could have the empress of oomph missed out on getting jiggy to Bollywood music, that too raunchy one! When in India, do as Indians do. Pamela Anderson seems to have taken a headlong plunge in evercolorsything Indian.

From savouring the ghee-soaked paranthas for her breakfast to getting her namaste and shukriya right, Pamela is turning out to be quite a delight for Indian telly viewers during her short stint in Bigg Boss 4.

The bombshell also danced to a raunchy Bollywood number in the house. She was taught the bosom-heaving dance steps by the ‘newly-wed’Sara Khan.

Dressed in a sarong that did nothing to conceal her formidable bust, Pamela boogied to the popular Bollywood song “Dhak dhak karne laga” from Madhuri Dixit’s 1992 movie Beta.

Coincidentally, Madhuri is also in Mumbai presently. Guess what she has to say about Pamela’s dhak dhak moves!