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Thread: Pamela Anderson to enter 'Bigg Boss 4' next week?

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    Default Pamela Anderson to enter 'Bigg Boss 4' next week?

    Pamela Anderson is all set for the season 4of of Bigg Boss. She is supposed to be a guest at the house for 4 long days.

    She would be the third celebrity guest on Bigg Boss after late reality television actress, who passed away just after her short venture in Bigg Boss 2 due to cancer.

    Another foreign celebrity was Claudia Ceisla, who was a part of Bigg Boss3.
    If sources are to be believed, Pamela Anderson is supposed to land at the Mumbai on Monday and become a part of the show in the coming week. Bigg Boss is basically modelled on the famous UK show Big Brother.

    The Indian version of the show has been hosted by Arshad Warsi, Shilpa Shetty, who was one time winner of Big Brother and then Amitabh Baccolorshchan. This time it is hosted by Salman Khan.

    Though, there are already many rumours surrounding the Bigg Boss, with a lot bitching and fighting and romance happening inside. There was a huge uproar over the “false” marriage of the two inmates, Sara and Ali.

    Though, Dolly Brinda is already quite (in) famous about her aggressive and abusive behaviour. The show quite popular for its controversial participants and tops in the TRPs. Pakistani actress Veena Malik, who is presently entangled with match fixing is quite a hot boiler at the Bigg Boss show.

    Though, Pamela Anderson enters as a guest but there are speculations that Bigg Boss might want to keep it as a secret to add spice to the coming episodes.

    Next week we will see Pamela Anderson entering the Bigg Boss House as she is landing in India on coming Monday. So the entry would be most probably on Tuesday and the telecast would be on Wednesday.

    So just keep watching for the upcoming fun!!!
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