Vindu Dara Singh's interview after winning Big Boss 3

Vindu Dara Singh shared his experience in Bigg Boss' House with Times of India.

You’ve watched him take digs at his fellow contestants. You’ve also seen him cry like a baby over not-so-crucial issues. But despite topping the list of must-not-win-Bigg Boss contestants, Vindu Dara Singh has had the last laugh. Besides winning Bigg Boss 3, Vindu also took home a car for being the most stylist contestant, much to the disappointment of most of the housemates. Vindu, on his ups and downs in the house:

I’m the best, so is Poonamji’: Confident of his win since day 1, Vindu begins the interview with a question? “Didn’t you think I’d make it?” and replies, “Everybody has been reiterating the same point – my win is expected. In fact, the moment Poonamji’s name was declared for the third position, I knew I was the winner.” Vindu sounded moved by Poonam not being able to bag the award. “ Poonamji came across as the most mature person in the show. Unhone kisi ke saath durvyavhaar nahin kiya. Shayad unka sahi attitude hi unke liye galat ho gaya. Mujhe kaafi bura lag raha hai doosron ke liye jinhe kuch nahin mila bas samajh nahin ata ki kya karoon unke liye .” Did he expect her to win? “Yes, because these shows cater largely to female audience. So getting their votes wouldn’t have been a task,”he replies.

Pravesh Rana, a Bigg loser? Naah! Remember the verbal spat, which the utterance of word aukaat created between Vindu and Pravesh? Vindu feels Pravesh got what he deserved. “I don’t feel for him. Jeetne ki uski aukaat nahi thi ,” he says. Vindu is, however, convinced about the change in Pravesh’s life. “He’s changed ever since he realised how wrong he was in throwing the food items in the pool. My wife and brother are not wiling to accept this, nobody is, to be honest. But I know he has changed. Iss show se woh ek saaf dilwala banke nikla hai.”

At your service, ma’am: Of all the household chores - cleaning, doing dishes, cooking - Vindu says he washed the maximum utensils. “Maine bahut kaam kiya hai . I happy that the stay also helped me learn how to cook daal and aloo gobhi and prepare dough,” reveals Vindu.

‘Amitji was like God’:What made him cry so much on the show? “The last time, before joining this show, I cried was when I watched the flick Kuch Kuch Hot Hai . But the emotional breakdown in the show was an offshoot of not being able to find trustworthy people. I couldn’t trust anybody. To me Amitji was like God. That’s why I would cry while speaking to him,” he says. And now, that he out of the confines of the house, all that Vindu is looking forward to is a table tennis match with actor Danny. Hope, he wins that too!