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Thread: Best fight in the BB house

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    Default Best fight in the BB house

    Hey guys,

    Now BB is at the end of it's journey. Let's get some replies from our members on their favorite fight in BB 2009 show.

    1. KRK and Rohit (He threw bottle and it started).
    2. KRK and Raju (He got involved and tried backing up Rohit).
    3. Vindu and Baktiyar (Somebody kept milk in the gym and then it started).
    4. Vindu and Pravesh (the most famous discussion on the word "AUKAAD").

    Here are some clippings of the fights.

    From my side, I liked Vindu and Pravesh fight on word Aukkad. That was healthy discussion and it showed Vindu his own status. (Again my personal opinion)

    Enjoy BB guys...

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    Default Re: Best fight in the BB house

    i really liked the fightt between vindu and pravesh aswell becuase all the other fights were only for a few secs but this fight actually went on for long...and it was really entertaining...loll.. and i agree with mayuresh...that fight showed vindu his own AUKAAD and pravesh actually taught him a good leason becuase after that fight vindu never said a bad word to anyone.

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    Default Re: Best fight in the BB house

    Thanks Man

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    Default Re: Best fight in the BB house

    I would have to choose btwn krk n raju n vind n parvesh fight. I must say krk even though small size doesnt fear anyone and he like insulted raju so badly and I am a fan of raju but raju just kept saying same to you as if he couldnt think of a better comeback.

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