Kamal Khan speaks about his second round at the Bigg Boss house…

During his first stint at the Colors' Bigg Boss house, Kamal Khan earned the tag of being a 'notorious' guy. His second stint surprised everyone as he had considerably calmed down. Kamal explains why he came back as a changed person…

You entered in the house this time not as a contestant so was the pressure less?
Even when I entered the house as a contestant there was no pressure. Big Boss gave me a call and said that I have to again enter the house and they will provide me all food, milk and evercolorsything what I want so I said if evercolorsything is available then I can easily survive one month but as one week passed it was very difficult to stay. But still Bigg Boss told me to stay. He said try for one more week but then I was not able to stay and I told Big Boss that I want to leave. First time I went I lost 3 kg and then again I lost 3 kg this time. It was very difficult to stay.

First time you went you were seen very violent and second time you were very silent?
Bigg Boss is a game where people should know how to behave and where to and every person should know the technique of playing the game. I was initially knowing that I have to go two times so first time I was that way second time I was a guest so behaved like I do in my house. I was not acting second time it was easy for me because I was behaving what I am first time I had to create evercolorsything for the show.

Who do you think now will win?
Now I think Pravesh has lot of chance or Vindoo.

What do you think is the best player in the game now?
I think all the contestants now are playing very smart they are all living together because they know that end of the day it's public who will decide to stay or not.

Pravesh has shown his different shades in the house?
Pravesh is too young and in this young age also he so mature. He has taken his support in one of the contestants. He is very short tempered.

What about Claudia?
She is very smart. She wants to win the game any how because she wants to buy an apartment in Germany and may God fulfill her dream, but she can't win.

Is it all about fighting in Big Boss?
Bigg Boss takes you there, gives you food, gives you place to stay, gives you money. It's not like that you stay silent and sit here and there.

What did you get personally from this show?
I lost 5 -6 kg. I am totally down. I am not well I will need 15 days to recover. But yes I got fame through this show people now know me as KRK.

When now finally you are out who became your close pal in the house?
Everybody was good I will try to be in contact with everyone.

You offered everyone in the house to be part of your Deshdrohi?
Yes, everyone in the house will be in my show and I had offered Amitji also but I haven't got any reply.

Reporter: Ranjini Nair
Author: Susan Jose