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Thread: Imagine Presents New Entertaining Game Show Big Money

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    Arrow Imagine Presents New Entertaining Game Show Big Money

    With the ongoing reality show Desi Girl, Imagine TV has already geared up for yet another unique game show 'Big Money' Chota Parda, Bada Game a family entertainer with an opportunity to win price money of Rs.1crore.

    With the persisting trend on television it seems as it's not just a battle between creating better reality shows but also a competition to get best Bollywood Celebrities to host them. So this time it's R. Madhavan who will be the host and dost of the upcoming Imagine show.

    R. Madhavan asserts, "I'm really excited about the show more so about the concept of entire family coming together in an attempt to earn Big Money."

    Embossing on the new concept producer Siddharth Basu exclaimed, "According to me this show would incite'shout ability' among the audience as most of them would know the answers themselves thus creating a different kind of anxiety."

    The promos have already passed a gist that the game show would feature questions pertaining to the audio visuals we see on TV which includes popular daily soaps, Reality shows, Advertisements, Cartoons, Cricket, News and more.

    But we have something more to offer in regards to the format. Firstly the game would be played by 4 members. The contestants have to pass through a test of 8 rounds to achieve the final big money of Rs. 1crore. In each round the team would have to select one topic from the two topics offered to them and then 4 questions related to the selected topic with two answer options would be asked.

    But to qualify for the second level they have to complete the chain by giving all 4 right answers. The format also offers 3 Family insurance to the contestants that is pass, exchange and discussion which they can use whenever they are confused or unsure about any question.

    The team can also quit the show whenever they feel like but they will have to leave empty handed if they quit after a certain level.

    The show is scheduled to go on air from 10th of July at 9pm slot on Imagine TV !
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