Video Update :18 July 2012 Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Video

In Dubai, a lady will be announcing the winners of the bumper prize. Peehu gets 2nd prize. Ram tells you got the offer of having dinner in a five star hotel with family. A photographer takes 2 pictures of ram and peehu together. He gives one to ram and one to peehu. Ram takes peehu’s autograph on his picture.

At vikram’s anniversary party, shipra and aayesha come there. Aayesha finds herself and nats are wearing the same saree. Nats and aayesha makes fun of each other. Vikram and neha blow the candle and cut the cake. Vikram thanks everyone for attending the party.

Peehu comes to priya’s shop and tells she won the prize. Before looking at the picture priya finds a display poster saying anjaan is coming. Priya throws the picture and rushes out. Peehu takes the picture and thinks priya is very careless so she only should take care of the picture. Priya and cady rush outside. Priya wonders why cady has printed so with her picture. Cady says she knows that anjaan is in Dubai and his hotel number too. So cady says they would go to him and convince him to come here. Priya gets worried. Cady says to chill and assures she would take care of it.

Sudhir and shipra will be having dinner together at the party. Shipra complaints sudhir that he is not taking care of his health these days. Sudhir says as priya is not with them. Nats and karthik feel happy for sudhir and shipra. They feel happy that shipra has become ok after priya’s death by staying with aayesha. Shipra stops aayesha eating oily food because of her structure diet plan.

Peehu gets excited to go to the 5 star hotel. She asks priya to take a new frock but she again gets convinced herself that it may cost so she would wear an old green dress itself. Priya gets emotional and hugs her.

Ram reminds peehu and feels happy. Priya will be worried whether anjaan agrees to come to their shop or not. Peehu says tomorrow is a special day to her. Peehu says priya that god will fulfill her wish too. Priya feels happy. Both leave home.

Vikram and neha feel happy that their party has gone well. Neha asks for her anniversary gift. Vikram gives some papers and she signs. Both wish each other. Vikram says neha to tell their kids that they are taking divorce.

Rajat will be having breakfast. Dhai ja stops Cady and complaints rajat that she is not listening to her. Rajat scolds cady that cad is failing in her subjects since 2 years. And rajat warns cady that if she fails he would not care her. Dhai ja tries to console cady. But cady leaves angrily. Dhai ja says rajat why he is scolding his daughters every time. Rajat says, I hate the lady who has cheated me and left he kids with me. When ever I see them I recall that I made a mistake by loving her. Its just my mistake in my life.

Dhai ja says rajat, one day you will be forced to love some one when you find a true love.