Video Update : 12 July 2012 Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Video

Priya is with her daughter and Mr. Kapurís secretary who are waiting for Ram. Priya says Pihu is quiet now but if she gets tired standing there then she wonít let Priya do ansonyything so Priya says secretary to call her when Ram is there. Priya leaves Pihu outside a shop telling her to sit there and tell shop worker to look after her.

Ram arrives in Dubai and he calls Mr. Kapurís secretary and says he is in mall. Secretary says they are on 2nd floor and Ram says he will be there in a minute. Pihu sees a food store and she goes there. On the other side, Priya checks her bag and finds Pihuís lunch box in there so she tells to secretary she will be back in while till then asks her to handle Ram.

In India, Vikramís son is playing a game and Neha says him, you will get glasses, whole day on mobile. Vikram asks her to leave him alone. Vikram gives him a guest list and asks Neha to check if everyone is in there. Neha says only one person is missing, Ram. Vikram says if he was in India he would definitely come but due to his work, he had to go. Neha says couldnít he go after two days. Vikram says when Ram comes back, you talk with him directly.

Vikramís son and Kadambari are video chatting with each other. He says youíre looking beautiful. Kaddy says she has to leave now and he asks her to wait. She waits and they chat.

In mall, Ram is going up and Priya is coming down and a song plays in background. They are very close but do not see each other.

Priya doesnít see Pihu and she asks shop worker but she says she went inside to finish her work and she does not know. Priya searches for her.

Back to India, Neha is preparing their house for a function and asks Vikram why he had to buy such big house. Ram calls Vikram and wishes him and Neha happy anniversary. Neha is not happy as Ram wonít be there in their party. She asks him to take flight and come back and says who knows if her and Vikram would be together or no. Ram laughs and says he really has lots of work to do there.

Priya is still in search of Pihu.

In India, Natasha is getting ready and asking Karthik for which dress to wear. Ramís son says him she is a female. Say yes and she will say no, say no and she will say yes. Karthik says he will try that formula as well which works. Karthik asks kid from where he learned all that. He says there are so many ladies and only him male so he knows and says this time he gave tip for free but next time he will take money. Karthik smiles.

Back to Dubai, Ram is hungry and he sees a food shop and he goes there. Pihu also comes there and they both ask for same thing. Shop worker says he has only one and Pihu offers him money first. He asks for change and Pihu then asks Ram for change. Ram is smiling and gives her change. Ram says to her, as soon as you found out there is only once piece, you gave money right away, very smart. She says it came from her mother as her mother is smart. Ram asks wonít your father feel bad if he hears that? She says, may be. She says if mum feels bad then I will feel bad too. Ram says you must have learned talking like this from your father. She again says, may be. She says mom is sweet and she leaves from there.

Pihu is crying and Ram sees her. He asks her what happened. Pihu says she forgot her way and canít find her mum now. She says she must be panicking and worrying. She then says to Ram, will you just keep looking at my face or help me find my mum too? Ram asks are you asking for help or giving me order? She says whatever you want to think you can but help me. He then asks at least tell me how your mum looks. She says, beautiful .. my mum is best mum in this world. Ram says that means we have to find worldís most beautiful mum then and they both search for Pihuís mum then.

Priya is still searching for Pihu.

Precap: Ram and Pihu stop by a book store and Pihu says this is my momís shop and she starts calling out ĎMamma Mammaí.