Video Update : 10 July 2012 Bade Achhe Lagte Hain Video

After 5 years, a new start in Priya and Ramís life. Priya is in Dubai and Ram in Mumbai.

Priya writing her dairy, after 5 years I am feeling that my dreams have come true. I have a daughter who has become my life which I have lost. After 5 years I feel my life is same as it used to be. Eversonyything is the same. If some thing has changed means its Dubai. To fulfill our dreams we need to sleep well but I cant because of this snoring. (snoring in the background)

Ram wakes up and finds snoring clip and says its waste to use this. Priya will be yelling, in the night I should suffer with your snoring and in the morning prepare aloo paratas for u. Why so much butter. You never listen to me. I will throw away these tablets in dustbin.

Ram will be having paratas with lots of butter and says that these tablets are keeping him healthy.

Priya will be in hurry getting ready so she throws away the towel on bed. Later she thinks she might get scolding and take the towel in hand. A lil girl comes there and takes away the towel from priyaís hand and yells, though you got older you dint learn to be neat. Its peehu, priya and ramís daughter.

A lady will be challenging his colleagues that she will get signed with ram kapoor very easily. The lady tells the person who is in his 40ís will be bored of his wife and when he finds a hot lady then he will definitely gets tempted and signs their easily. Her colleagues warn her that ram is not such a person and he is very different.

Priya will be searching her watch. She will be muttering that peehu is same as ram in neatness, about paratas and snoring. Priya finds a greeting card of happy fatherís day and a chocolate under the pillow. In the card it will be written, Mom says I am just like you papa. I miss u. I want to go to snow park. priya recalls ram eating chocolates and not listening to her words.

Rajat comes to his office. Priya will be waiting for him. She thinks for peehu she should convince rajat to give some time to pay the rent of the shop as she should take peehu to snow park. Rajat scolds priya as every month she is delaying to pay the complete rent. Priya tells she has some personal problem about her child so she needs some time to pay the rent. Rajat gives 10days time to pay the rent. Priya decides to collect the full rent in 10days.

The lady gives the presentation about her company. Ram finds the lady exposing before him. He asks the remaining two gents to leave as he needs to talk to the lady.

Priya comes to her shop. Kady makes fun of rajat but priya defends. Priya feels happy that because of rajat she is happy with her kid. If he hasnít helped her she would have been faced so many problems. Kady too accepts. Kady makes fun of priya book store that mostly the mystry writers books will be on sale. They talk about some mystry writer who will be sending books to her book shop. Kady argues with priya that there is no writer but priya doesnít agree and tells she has his mail id. So he is alive. Both go to there shop.

Ram tells the lady smoothly there is a coffee stain on her shirt which was disturbing him at the time of presentation. Ram again tells, I donít like dirty people and people with bad opinions. Ram throws away the file and tells when a person is clean in his mind and work then he can become successful. I was observing that your proposal was so dirty which I really hate. I donít like people being dirty. But I donít think your mind and shirt can be cleaned ever. The lady apologizes and asks to sign the deal but ram rejects.

Priya will be waiting for kady and peehu. While feeding lunch to peehu priya tells her that today she will be going to snow park. Peehu insists priya to come with her. Priya lies that she has back ache. As its snow it will ache a lot. And next time she would definitely come along. Peehu gets convinced. Both start for snow park.

Peehu will be playing in the snow park and priya watching her playing happily. She gets tears looking at peehuís happiness. Rajat finds priya in the mall purchasing some food items for peehu. Rajat comes to priya. Rajat starts scolding, I am just wondering how a lady who was convincing me that she doesnít have money to pay the rent have come to a costly mall and enjoying herself. Peehu will be waving her hand to priya so priya too waves though rajat will be scolding her. Rajat gets angry and asks to pay the rent in 1 day and if not the shop will be back to him. Priya tries to stop him but when she finds peehu waving her hands priya smiles back at her.

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