This is a story of Godavari Thakker & her family consisting of 6 sons, 2 daughters, their spouses and children.
The authoritative matriarch, has worked very hard to raise her 8 children and is very proud of her achievements, she never misses to flaunt. She strongly believes that either you can rule the kitchen or rule the office. She of course prefers the kitchen, her own familiar world, and rules it with iron hands.

Godavari's family and its problems are no different from any middle class family residing in this busy city of Mumbai. While the men are at work, (theirs is no family business) the women are busy doing their bit to run the house and also win over the goodwill of their Baa (mother-in-law).

Baa Bahoo Aur Baby presents the hues of life packed with high emotions, temperaments, idiosyncrasies of real people and even more real situations.

In the second season of the show we return with the much loved characters of this show as they enter into a renovated Krishna Villa, their family home. There are new challenges to face and aspirations to fulfill. The family is preparing to get Baby married to Birju with pomp and splendour.