Story of Afsar Bitiya tv serial

'Afsar Bitiya' set in Bhagalpur (Bihar), throws light on the importance of female education and issues surrounding their education. It talks about a young girl's resilience, aspirations, dreams and motivation to work harder and make a mark in society despite all adversities. The story traces the journey of Krishna, whose life centers around getting a good education to improve her family's life. She is quiet and demure yet a go-getter.

Enacting the lead role of Krishna, who embodies all the virtues of an ambitious woman and is strong enough to become self sufficient is a charming newcomer, Mitali Nag. From a lower middle class family where no one had ever got a better job than a clerk, this girl rises against all odds and happens to become a B.D.O. (Block Development Officer) through her sheer hard work. Her life and her family's life change forever after she becomes an 'Afsar Bitiya'. The show then traces the journey of this honest and determined girl from an extremely moderate background who deals with ever changing family situations after she becomes successful in her career.