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Thread: 3 August 2013 100 Ek Shunya Shunya Video Watch Online

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    Default 3 August 2013 100 Ek Shunya Shunya Video Watch Online

    Watch Online Dailymotion *VHQ*:-
    Part 1 : Watch
    Part 2 : Watch
    Part 3 : Watch

    Watch Online Dailymotion *VHQ*:-
    Part 1 : Watch
    Part 2 : Watch
    Part 3 : Watch
    Part 4 : Watch
    Part 5 : Watch

    Watch Online YouTube *VHQ*:-
    Part 1 : Watch
    Part 2 : Watch
    Part 3 : Watch
    Part 4 : Watch
    Part 5 : Watch

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    Default Re: 3 August 2013 100 Ek Shunya Shunya Video Watch Online

    1. تأمين تأشيرات الدراسة في ماليزيا لطلبة التعليم المباشر.
    Securing the study permit in Malaysia for on-campus students.
    2. استقبال الطالب بالمطار عند قدومه لأول مرة إلى ماليزيا.
    Receiving students at the airport when they come for the first time.
    3. مساعدة الطالب للحصول على السكن المناسب عند رغبته في ذلك، نظرًا لعدم توافر سكن تابع للجامعة حاليًا.
    Helping the student to get a proper residence if interested, due to the unavailability of hostel for the university now
    4. القيام بإجراءات الحصول على اللاصقة (الإقامة) للطالب بعد وصوله إلى ماليزيا.
    Doing the procedures for having the permit sticker (Visa) of the student after arriving in Malaysia.
    تجديد تأشيرة الطلاب (الإقامة) سنويًا.
    Renewing the students’ visas every year.
    6.يقدر الطالب علي ارسال دعوة مرافق له (الزوجة .الابن.الاخ .الام .الاخت .الخ .
    Student can send invitation letter to a companion (wife, son, mother, sister, brother, so on).
    5. تقديم الأنشطة اللاصفية المختلفة مثل (المسابقات، الندوات، الأنشطة الدينية والثقافية والاجتماعية والرياضية وغيرها).
    Offering various extracurricular activities such as contests, forums, and religious, cultural and sport activities, and etc.
    6. الاستفادة من المكتبة الورقية المتوفرة بالجامعة إضافة إلى المكتبة الإلكترونية.
    Benefiting from the library and the e-library available in the university
    7. توفير معامل الحاسب الآلي للبحث العلمي، والشبكة اللاسلكية (واي فاي) في الحرم الجامعي.
    Providing the computer lab for academic research, and the Wi-Fi net in the university campus
    8. تقديم التوجيهات للطلاب الجدد لينسجموا مع الحياة العلمية والاجتماعية بماليزيا.
    Giving instructions to the new students so that they become in harmony with social and academic life in Malaysia
    9. تقديم الاستشارات الأكاديمية للطلاب.
    Offering academic consultations to students
    12. إصدار التأمين الصحي للطلاب.
    Issuing health insurance for students
    تحياتنا جامعة المدينة العالمية بماليزيا
    Welcome to the Madinah International University

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    Default Re: 3 August 2013 100 Ek Shunya Shunya Video Watch Online

    continued success , coupled with the sincere invitations for your further success and development and growth.

    Al-Madinah International University [MEDIU] Malaysia: “University City World [MEDIU] Malaysia” is one of the leading universities of Malaysia, which is characterized by excellence and excellence of technical and higher education areas, and ” Al-Madinah International University [MEDIU] ” is a multiple cultures and areas of study and is based
    Malaysia Shah Alam , Here is a brief history.
    1. ” Al-Madinah International University [MEDIU]” founded early in 2004 in Medinah Almonowra

    2. In 19 / July / 2006, the university received the invitation of the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education for the establishment of the University Centre in Malaysia.

    3. On 20 / July / 2007, the university obtained full license from the Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia to be the first international Malaysian University pursuing a systematic distance education using e-learning Targeting the Students from around the world.

    4. In early of February of 2008 the university began full operation of reception of students.
    5. joined the university for beginning of the year 2009, approximately [1500 ] students from different countries, while the number of applications submitted to the University of [3000] enrollment request.

    . 6. Early / 2009. University offered more than (24) academic program accredited by the Accreditation Authority and the Ministry of Higher Education (Malaysia), and more (34) accredited course in Arabic and English language center.

    . 7. Early 2009. Varied the levels of academic programs at the university to include foundation studies , Pre-university, diploma, bachelor’s degree – graduate studies, language training courses.
    8. Mid-2009. The number of students who were enrolled in the university more than (4701) students from more than 40 nationalities around the world.

    . 9. The third quarter of 2009. The Al-Madinah International University [MEDIU] Passed successfully institutional inspection held by the Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education to ensure quality of academic and administrative of the University.

    10 . The end of 2009. The number of applications increased by the University of (6508) Application from more than (60) countries around the world, while the number of students enrolled in the University (2482 )

    11. The end of 2009.The university Completed the (10) new programs of study for approval by the Malaysian accreditation of Graduate Studies.

    12. The end of 2009. The Al-Madinah International University [MEDIU] started the procedures to start the constituent university education in the disciplines of direct scientific and practical, including a new Computer Science, Finance and Administration, Engineering and intending to be started by mid-year 2010.

    13. . Early in 2010. The number of students of the University increased to (3057) students from around the world, from the beginning of September 2010.

    14. The end of 2010. The number of applications received the university for direct education on campus system around (511) applications and more than (154) enrollment students.

    15. Early of 2011. The number of applications received by the university to direct education on campus system (2312) The number of enrollment students more than (362).
    . . 16. Early in 2011. Al-Madinah International University [MEDIU] inclusion Programs of the Al-Madinah International University [MEDIU] in full accreditation for four academic graduate programs in the Faculty of Islamic Sciences in the list of qualifications recognized by the Civil Service Commission, Malaysia

    17. The end of 2011. The university the graduating first graduating batch of students from the Al-Medina International University in the master’s programs, bachelor’s and (84) students for the bachelor’s degree, and (27) students for master’s degree.

    What distinguishes the Al-Medinah International University [MEDIU].

    First, high-technical and modern facilities: The technical infrastructure of the Al-Medinah International University is designed to match the best standards in the field of modern e-learning and distance education, including those of infrastructure following matters:

    Al-Medinah International University website on the Internet “”: which offers all university services, which content admission, registration , inquiry , direct access to the lessons and communicate with lecturers and administrators staff of t the university.

    The electronic system of educational administration “Alim” for managing the academic affairs of the university, which can be both a student university lectures , administrators and supervisors to manage all the Process of study , direct communication, and dissemination the academic , exercise and lectures of subjects.

    The digital library

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    Default Re: 3 August 2013 100 Ek Shunya Shunya Video Watch Online

    Al madinah international university opening apply for university colleges

    MR/ Mrs

    Al madinah international university which win dependence Malaysian Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia (MOHE) and also winning the adoption of all academic programs and courses, the university that are approved by the Malaysian funds and private academy, which deals with quality control and efficiency Academy, known for short as [MQA ] to congratulate you on the occasion of the new academic February year 2014 . Its pleasure to tell you that the university opening apply for university colleges.

    The following colleges :

    * Faculty of Islamic Sciences
    * Faculty of languages
    * Faculty of Computer and Information Technology.
    *Faculty of education .
    * Faculty of Finance and Management.
    *Language center
    *Faculty of engineering

    The university offer :
    Bachelor degree
    Master degree
    PHD degree
    Both online and on campus learning for more information you can visit

    for more information about Bachelor degree

    for more information about master degree

    Best Regard
    Al madinah international university


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